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Road Safety Magic Show

Today we saw a magic show about road safety.  We learned lots and had great fun.  Some of the things we enjoyed were….


Daniel – The funny part when the face moved.

Ava – I liked the light show.

Lara – I liked the part when the lollipop man picture was shouting stuff.

Blair – I liked the dancing.

Grace – I liked the dog Robbie.  He looked cute.


Some things that we learned were…

Alice – When the green man flashes you can’t cross the road.

Charlie – I learned that green is below because it means go.

Olivia – Red is at the top because it tells the cars to stop.

We all learned that the four important words for road safety are : STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.

Primary 5/6/7 Space

Primary 5/6/7 have been following the progress of astronaut Tim Peake in the International Space Station. They watched the Cosmic Classroom lesson that he did from The I.S.S. Tim demonstrated how there is no gravity in space by playing ping pong using a globule of water and hydro-repellent bats.

The children decided that they would like to learn more about gravity and conducted their own experiments in class by linking it to a previous lesson on flight which looked at the four forces of flight which are thrust, lift, weight and  drag.

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