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Biggies Blogging Update

Some of the biggies have been adding great posts to their blog.

Islay wrote a lovely poem after seeing the ducklings:

Life of a duck – Islay

Aaron wrote about the new shop and the Logo competition

Banton shop (MSC Loudens): Vote for us

and Aaliyah reported on our walk to Dow’s wood:

Walk to Dows woods

There is usually something of interest being published on the Biggie’s Blog.

Banton it is cold outside!

If you can stay warm, and it is safe, get out and play! If you can’t or you get cold and wet, here are some ideas.

Check your sever weather plan!



P 1-3 Learn to Count with fun Counting Games

P 4 -7 Ordering and Sequencing Numbers Games


Write a poem on the fridge: The Fridge.

Look out your window, write a poem or a story. Snow changes everything, how things look, how you feel. It can be cold, wet, horrible or magical, bright and exciting! Use your imagination.


You can chat in the our Yammer Group NLC-Banton-Biggies.

Take some photos post them. Or they the activities on this page and tell us how you get on.

Snowy Fun

Find out about Snow:

Find out about animals that live in the snow like Snow Leopard

Do some research for out Landscape of the Highland’s topic, for example:
Facts, Figures and Information about Ben Nevis

Make some snowy art:

Photo Credit: Snowflake | brianjobson | Flickr Public Domain.