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October 7, 2019
by Mrs Kerr

Confident Individuals at Morningside

At assembly on Friday Confident Individual Certificates were given out. Congratulations to all the children who received one.

The JRSO leaders had collected in all the entries for the North Lanarkshire Road Safety Calendar Competition,  they then had the very hard job of narrowing it down to winners from each class before submitting the class winners to North Lanarkshire for the final overall judging.  Congratulations to those who won, but a massive well done to all who took part.  Here’s hoping for a favourable result to our entries.

Wider Achievements were also showcased at assembly from Primary 3 and Primary 4. Here at Morningside we are so proud of the children’s achievements outwith school.

An exciting maths week came to an end on Friday with the children having enjoyed various activities including researching how maths is incorporated in different careers.  There had also been an in-school Sumdog competition which was won by Primary 6.  The day ended with the fantastic “How far do your Pennies Go” Challenge, with the children laying their pennies side by side along the length of the playground and then measuring them.

October 2, 2019
by Mrs Lawrence

October’s Rights of the Fortnight

First two weeks in October

  • Article 42 Knowledge of rights. For this one you could create a poster to raise awareness of Children’s Rights and why it is important that we learn about them.Check out this song!

Second half of October 

  • Article 16 The Right to privacy


I have been very impressed by the efforts made by pupils to research and create posters about the articles covered so far. Keep up the hard work MPS!

September 24, 2019
by Mrs White

Aldi’s Kit for Schools

We are participating in the Aldi Kit for School Compitition.

Aldi’s Kit for Schools promotion is giving 20 primary schools the chance to win £20,000 to kick-start a health legacy for their school. What’s more, every school who enters by completing their Aldi’s Kit for Schools poster will also receive an exclusive school sports kit!

Collect a sticker with every £30 spent in store and fill up your school’s poster for a chance to win.

September 16, 2019
by Mrs Lawrence

Right Of The Fortnight – Article 12

First of all I would like to say a huge “Thank you!” to the pupils who handed in or prepared a presentation about Article 8. These children will have the opportunity to present to the school at our next ‘Rights Respecting Schools’ assembly on Friday 4th October.

In the meantime our next Right of the Fortnight will be Article 12, the right to be listened to and taken seriously.

One of the things the UNCRC does is to make it clear that human rights apply to children and young people, just as they do to adults. This is as true in Scotland as it is anywhere else in the world.

For example, Article 12 of the UNCRC says that children and young people have the human right to have opinions and for these opinions to matter. It says that the opinions of children and young people should be considered when people make decisions about things that involve them, and they shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand on the grounds of age. It also says children and young people should be given the information they need to make good decisions. ( , 16.9.19)


For this article a great starting point would be to sit and have a discussion with an adult about examples of times where you feel that your decision really mattered. Last year at school the Pupil Council introduced us to the 7 Golden Rules for Participation. Can you think of any ways so far that you have felt that your opinion has been more respected at school, at home and in  your wider community. In addition to this, can you think of any ways that we could improve on ensuring that all children and young people feel that they are being listened to and taken seriously. This is only a starting point for any posters or presentations that you would like to create. More information can be found at

If you decide to research this Right of the Fortnight and have anything you would like to present don’t forget to bring it to your class by Tuesday 1st October. The assembly where we will present and discuss this right will be Friday 4th October.

September 2, 2019
by Mrs Lawrence

Right of the Fortnight

For the first two weeks in September the Article we are focusing on is number 8. 

(UNICEF Summary of the UNCRC)

This article links to Article 7 The right to a name and nationality. Please visit this link for more information. Use the questions below to help you get started.

  • Do you have a birth certificate? What kind of information can you find out about a person from their birth certificate?
  • Do you have any other documents that help show your identity?
  • What is your nationality?
  • What makes you feel proud to be you?
  • Can you always assume a person’s nationality simply by knowing which country they live in?
  • Why is it important that people have a nationality as part of their identity even when they are living in another country?
  • Can you think of anything else that makes you YOU?


If you decide to research this Right of the Fortnight and have anything you would like to present don’t forget to bring it to your class by Friday 13th September. The assembly where we will present and discuss this right will be Friday 4th October.

August 31, 2019
by Mrs Lawrence

Right of the Fortnight

Right of the Fortnight (Home Learning)
Twice a month a new article/right will be announced on Twitter. Children who take time at home to research this article and create a poster/report or presentation about what it means will be awarded 50 house points by their teacher. This could be done in the form of a powerpoint presentation, a poster or even a solo talk that they are willing to perform with confidence to their class. We understand that younger pupils may require a lot more support with this task at home but if they have an older sibling in P4-7 they could work on the task together.
Children will continue to learn about rights at school however, this will be covered throughout various topics and Health & Wellbeing as well as other areas of the curriculum, rather than learning through lessons focused on specific rights.
Once a month children will have the opportunity to stand up at assembly and talk about/present the article they researched. These children will be chosen by their class teacher and will receive an additional 100 house points as a reward for their efforts.
Although this is an optional homework task we would really appreciate parental support with this as a key step in us achieving our Gold Rights Respecting School Status is that young people are talking to family members and the wider community about their rights. We hope that at the very least by announcing a different article from the UNCRC twice a month it will encourage families to talk about Children’s Rights.
See below for some great websites as a starting point for learning about the articles/rights:
Often a quick google search with the article number and brief description of the right can bring up lots of relevant information.
The first “Right of the Fortnight” will be announced on Monday via Twitter and the blog.
Thank you for your support.
Mrs Lawrence

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