Staff List

Head Teacher – Jacqueline Maclaren

Depute Head Teacher – Karen Heron

Principal Teacher – Elaine Kerr

P1a Teachers – Elaine Mathieson/Louise King

P1b Teachers – Susan Findlay/ Dawn Hotchkiss

P2 Teacher – Jacqueline Brown

P3 Teacher  – Valerie O’Hara

P4 Teacher – Jenny Travers

P5 Teacher – Hazel Gourley

P6 Teacher –  Laura Moore

P7 Teacher – Elaine Kerr

Non Class Contact Teacher – Louise King

Nurture Teacher – Amy McKinnon

P.S.S.T. – Lynne Paton

Classroom Assistants – Bernadette Dougan, Morag Meechan, Michelle Clark, Anne McGrath, Julie Clark 0.4

Early Years Practitioners – Alexis McDowall/ Chloe Summers

Education Assistants – Anne Ramsay, Julie Clark 0.4

Janitor – John Stevenson

School Nurse – Charrone Hodge

Educational Psychologist – Catherine Paterson

Home School Link – Elaine Connor


Supply Staff

From time to time it will be necessary to bring in staff to cover sickness and staff training. Over this year we will build up a bank of reliable supply colleagues who are familiar to the children. Unless we need emergency cover for sickness your child will always be told when a supply teacher has been booked to take their class.