With school closures due to Covid 19 our staff have been working very hard to prepare home learning for your child.

Each child was issued with a home learning folder which included some literacy and numeracy tasks.  On the inside cover of the folder is a label which gives login details for GLOW (teams), Seesaw,  Sumdog and Education City.


Seesaw is possibly the easiest and most user friendly way to access your child’s work.  For your child to access Seesaw to learn from home they can either type https://app.seesaw.me (the link for this is in the heading) or download the Seesaw Class app onto a phone or tablet. (This is different to the Seesaw Family app which you may already have downloaded and can continue to use to enable you to see what your child is learning). Choose ‘I’m a Student’ from the login screen and enter your code.


Glow allows pupils to work in a variety of ways, including email and to access microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc..  Each class also has a microsoft team to facilitate collaborative working and group communication.  Tasks are added to files and pupils are able to communicate with their teachers via the general tab.


Sumdog can be used for maths, spelling and reading. It is a game based learning platform. While children choose what they play, adaptive learning engines guide pupil learning. Sumdog gets to know individual strengths and weaknesses and ensures pupils always work on the right skill.  The teacher will also set competitions and challenges.

Education City:

Education City can be used for literacy, maths and science.  Again it is a game based learning platform.  The teacher may set tasks to be completed or the pupil can choose their own games/activities to do.  Use the link in the title or https://go.educationcity.com/ to take you to the login page.

Other online resources:

A number of companies across the UK are also offering free subscriptions for a limited time during this crisis.  Along with other free websites some of these can be found here.


We understand that digital learning can be a daunting prospect so here are some questions you might have…

How will I know what level my child is working on?

As a rough guide children within Early Level are typically in P1, First Level will typically cover P2-P4 and Second Level will typically cover P5-7. Older pupils should be aware of the level they are working on.

How will I know what my child has to do?

Every morning the class teacher will update seesaw and teams with the tasks for the day.  After the Easter break an overview of tasks will be sent to you on a Monday morning to let you see what is expected that week.

What if we have problems?

You can contact us on pennyburn@ea.n-ayrshire.sch.uk or on 07387619319 (please limit text/phone contact to working hours unless it’s an emergency).  You can also send a message to the Pennyburn fb page.

How will home and school communicate?

Groupcall and Text Messaging

We will still have access to Groupcall and we will use this for most general communication.


We will re-tweet useful tips and vital information from North Ayrshire. If you don’t have twitter you can use the feed embedded into this website.

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Please bear in mind you are not teachers you are parents.

Do what you can..read, write and keep number skills going, but most of all spend time together.

Play games, have fun and get outdoors while you can.