Coping with the anxieties of coronavirus – Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

 Coping with the anxieties of coronavirus

Webinar with Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk

24 March 2020

Thank you all for joining us at our webinar exploring how anxiety operates in the body and how you can nurture calm for yourself and others. Here are the details of further information that Suzanne promised to send. We hope that you will share these wherever you feel they may be of help in the coming weeks. Every act of promoting emotional safety will help.

The Sabre Tooth Tiger & Teddy Bear divisions of the Stress System

Laughter & Stress


Moving back into the present

  • The Power of Now, with Eckhart Tolle:
  • How to live in the present moment:
  • Present-Moment awareness:

Talking to your brain

Naming your feelings

Clothing yourself in love – Transitional Objects


  • Gratitude changes your brain:
  • The science of gratitude video: