Information and Resources

This is a time of uncertainty and change for us all. North Ayrshire Psychological Service and our Mental Health and Wellbeing team are committed to supporting children and young people and their families during this potentially stressful time.

Now more than ever we need to think about how we look after our mental health and wellbeing and maintain positive relationships. We have put together some information and useful links and resources for you and we hope you find this useful.

This information will be updated regularly so do check back from time to time.



 The advice and information about the coronavirus changes is being provided every day and that can make it hard to keep up to date with developments as a parent. Children are able to access lots of information too through social media and discussions with friends. This can make it difficult for parents and carers to know what our children understand about COVID-19 and to know what to say to them. It can also be difficult to know how to spend the time productively while you are at home without putting undue pressure on the family.

In our information for families – we have complied some resources that may be helpful to you to support you in these areas.


You will have heard in the news and from people around you about the Coronavirus and its impact. It might seem like a scary time and many people will be feeling anxious, afraid or confused about what is happening. It is perfectly normal to have these kinds of feelings. There is a lot of information out there and this can feel overwhelming at times.

We have been looking at ways in which we can help support children and young people in a different way during this time. It is essential to maintain links with family and friends even if we cannot meet them face to face. It is our positive relationships with others that will help us to manage our emotions and feelings so it is important that you feel able to talk to others about how you are feeling.

In our information for children and young people you will find useful information to help you to look after yourself and others and where to go for relevant support. The information will be updated regularly so do check back from time to time.                  


This is an interesting and sometimes challenging time for education staff. Many education staff are in the frontline supporting children and young people while their parents are delivering essential services and even when staff are not in their place of work, they are busy delivering a service which ensures pastoral and educational support for the children and young people they support.

Education staff may also be worried about the children and young people they support and anxious about how to provide a level of contact that ensures they stay safe and well.

In our information for education staff you will find relevant information on how to support children and young people in your care during this period of staying at home and also helpful information for self care and making the most of your time at home.

You will also find more advice and support on North Ayrshire Council’s Educational Psychology website:

You may also find the recently published site created by NHS Ayrshire and Arran helpful in providing information and support about COVID-19: