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**New** Lunch Menu after Easter

Please find attached the new school lunch menu.  This will be starting after the Easter Holidays.

If your child requires a special diet due to food allergies or intolerances, please could you make the school aware.  A meeting can be arranged with you to discuss meal options.  We will always try to accommodate all types of special diets in our school meals, including gluten free, dairy free etc..

Thank you

School Lunch Menu – Term 4

Bishopmill Primary School Telephone Information Line

This system is available for the sharing of information. If there is a risk of school closure due to adverse weather conditions, parents can receive information via a recorded message. This is an extra service and does not replace existing methods such as radio broadcasts. Parents can leave non-urgent messages on the system e.g. reason for absence. Details are below:
Dial 0870 054 9999 – You will then enter a menu system
Enter the school’s PIN number – 031120
Press 1 to hear severe weather information Confirmation message Press 2 to leave a non-urgent message
Press 3 to hear general school information
Press 4 to enter a different school PIN number
Press # to end call
Bishopmill Primary Information Line 0870 054 9999 Pin 031120


Help and Advice for Home School Working

Dear Parent/Carer

To streamline and make it easier to Login to your child’s class, please follow the directions below:

To access ‘Home Learning’ – Click HERE or Go to ‘Classes 2019/20’ in Menu.  You will find all class page links

  1. Choose your Class i.e. P1GD
  2. Click on this link i.e. P1GD to take you to the class page.
  3. Scroll down after the introduction you will find your current weekly work labelled and highlighted in red: 
  4. i.e. P1D Home School Learning 4 May 20 – Week 4 
  5. All previous weeks work is highlighted in blue.

On this ‘Classes’ page you will also find pages for: 
‘Support for Learning’
where you will find help, support, games etc
‘Military Children’ why not make your own Worry Monster.
**NEW** ‘PE with Ms McNab’ and ‘Music with Mrs Taylor’.

Each class page has been updated with a new link to take you to the weekly page.  The plan is to update every Monday.

It is the schools intention to have ALL children accessing GLOW – this way teachers will have a better way of communicating / interacting with children/classes through the system by setting up teams/class groups.  You also have the opportunity to download office 365 (free) onto your computer.  In Moray schools, both teachers and pupils make use of Glow, which is Scotland’s nationally available digital environment for learning.  A user name and password are required to access Glow.

Mrs Rose (school email) has been resetting and supplying ALL passwords – these are generic for each class.  You should have received a text with the class password.

THOSE WHO ALREADY ACCESS GLOWuse the NEW passwords from Monday 20 April 20 – Usernames remain the same.
THOSE WHO HAVE NOT ALREADY ACCESSED GLOW:  you should have received a username beginning with GW:  Please use this along with the password supplied   Access to the system is via GLOW – see 2nd ‘YouTube’ video below:

To access Glow, open Google/Internet browser, and navigate to to login.  An extra video guide on this process can be seen by clicking here.

Other helpful links:
CV Money Worries
Digital Learning and Teaching Resources
School ICT Equipment Loan Request

You might also like these ‘YouTube’ videos:

  Click the Icon ‘Accessing Home Learning on this site’  Check out our ‘new’ YouTube channel shows a quick description on how to find the weekly suggested activities on the school website.

  Click the Icon ‘Logging onto Glow’

If you would like to share any photos of your children’s home school work then please contact your class teacher via Twitter.  I will add them to the gallery on the front page of the website.

Thank you and stay safe. 
Mrs Brown




Communication Letter – Update 14 April 2020

Parent Information Letter 14 April 2020

  • email:
  • Telephone: 01343 547841
  • Website:



Dear Parent/Carer

The new term has begun and I know this is an incredibly difficult time for everyone and none of us have any experience of living through something like this.  All we want is for our families, friends and communities to be safe and well.

Although it is important to keep up to date with government advice and to follow what we are being asked to do there is a danger that we can become overwhelmed and anxious with so much information.  Please try to protect your children from too much media for the same reason.

As children are not in school for the time being, we are posting suggestions on the school website to support you with learning at home.  These are tasks your child will already be familiar with.  I am sure many parents are feeling overwhelmed by the thought that they need to be teaching their children at home.  Many parents are working long hours as essential workers in extremely difficult circumstances.  Please do NOT feel you have to do this.  You are not teachers, you are parents.  You have not chosen to home educate your children.

With regards to their learning, children are often more resilient than you think, and they will bounce back when things return to normal.  Please don’t worry about your child regressing in school.  Every child is in the same position and they will be ok.  When we are back in the classroom we will continue learning from where your child is at.  Teachers are experts at this.  Please do not force your children to do things they do not want to do and cause tension at home.  What children need right now is to feel safe and comforted.  To feel like it is going to be ok.

Try to think of this as an opportunity to spend time with your children.  If you have a garden, please encourage your children to make use of it every day.  Play outside and take the permitted daily exercise as a family and go for a walk.  We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world with access to the woods and the beach.  Bake with your children, play board games and watch a movie. Read together as a family or just snuggle under the blankets and do nothing.  Please stay safe and follow the advice and do not allow your child to go out to play or to meet friends – this goes against government advice.

Our teachers are still feeling their way with all of this and we will continue to put up weekly learning activities each Monday.  These activities are suggestions so please do not worry if your child is struggling to do them.  Please remember you can contact us through the school admin email address:  and we are happy to give you a call at home if you have any concerns.  Please feel free to get in touch for any reason.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

Be kind to yourself and if I can leave you with one thing, it is this:  At the moment your child’s mental health will be more important than their academic progress and how they feel during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they did.

Follow the government advice and stay safe.   We are all thinking of you all.  We will be in touch soon.

Elaine Andrew



Parent Information Letter 26 March 2020
Communication letter dated 20 March 2020