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Inveravon is hosting a pollination school day. On the 10th  of November,  we are inviting friends and family  to come to our school to help us paint weed and plant.

In a maths lessons  we have measured fencing for our pollination area and designed it, we are adding an arch and we will make a path to walk round it.

Today we have voted for a paint design we had one block each used blocks and placed them on the one we wanted and have priced it up .

written by Rowan P6



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Term topic


This week we have been taking time to talk about nature and how it lives here and how it survives.

The younger ones have been exploring the school gardens and looking for mini beasts and recording there findings. They were lucky enough to find spiders,worms, woodlouse and a frog.

Where as the older ones have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Lawson helping and teaching them about the plant life and the surrounding area. Mrs. Laswon was able to share with the children the changes she has saw in the last 40 years of living in this area.

Minuets from Eco Meeting

Inveravon Primary Eco Group



Record of Meeting February 25th



Fraser, Kole, James, Sam, Alyce, Sinead, Niamh

Anna, Olivia, Zander, Mrs Lawson, Mrs Smith.

Matters arising from minutes.

Time is very tight during our meetings so it was decided that the tasks from the Feb 4th meeting were to be completed by the children in either class or their own time and brought to the next meeting.

Additional task undertaken by Fraser and Alyce to compose a ditty to encourage the public also to be aware of paper blow on windy days.

Mrs Smith informed the pupils that she had registered the school for the Big Spring Clean Up.

It was decided to combine it with our annual sponsored walk in May and that we would litter pick along the Speyside Way.

Litter pickers and high viz vests to be sent from keep Scotland Beautiful. 

Date Thursday May 15th

Planning for Assessor Visit

Revisited the Action Plan to remind ourselves of what we had done.

Grew: Carrots, broadbeans, courgette, sweetpeas, bulbs in tubs

Display boards to show our learning on

Climate Week

Living Machine

Powerpoint? iMovie to show photographs and captions about our journey of planting, sowing, growing, weeding, picking etc.

Need to rethink bird feeding commitment – maintain

Mrs Lawson to use B&Q voucher to  purchase

Sweetpea seeds and pots

Bird feeders and seeds 2 for peanuts and 2 for wild bird seed

Mrs Duncan to help children add Eco minutes and info to school blog on return from sick leave

Children would like to see Milkshake Mondays and/or Toasty Tuesdays reinstated.  Mrs Smith described some of the previous issues which needed to be addressed. Happily  all felt there was a way round these and that it would be raised at a later meeting.

We had no time to discuss the ER so it will appear on the next agenda.

Breaking News – Toby arrived with news that one of the salmon eggs had hatched! 







Last week during Eco Schools we cut down some birch trees with Mrs Ferguson because they were blocking out sun for other plants. We also got some compost from the compost heap behind the school and then we filled the trellis with soil and then we planted sweet peas.

Changing Places

On the 7th May 2013 the eco group made a path in the garden to show people our garden. The garden has been marked out with cones, the plan is to get the military to cut the grass and put in raised paths round the two wet areas.

We are changing our marsh area into a rockery with big boulders to sit on and different coloured stones. The marsh area is being moved to another corner of the garden.

While clearing the marsh area John one of the p7 pupils found a frog and named him Steven he was as big as a £2 coin and was like the skin of an Asian pear.

The Living Machine W/C 15th April

Last week Mrs Lawson and Mrs Ferguson introduced frog spawn to the living tank.  There was also plants which were put on a sort of raft to float above the frog spawn . The plants were forget me knots, King Cup, Moss, Bitter Cress, Monkey Flower, Mint  and Yellow Saxifrage.

The pump was also installed by Mrs Ferguson. The tube went down in to the filtration system and then pushes it to the solar panel which heats it up , and pushes it to the other end of the living machine where the frog spawn are. The water then makes  it ‘s way back through and starts all over again.

On Friday when we looked at the tank some of the frog spawn had hatched.

Written by

Fraser Macdonald P4