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We have directly linked this not only to our own school community but to the school grounds area and how we provide a community for nature and wildlife -in particular pollinators. We are lucky enough to be one of the schools involved in the Pollination School Project which is very exciting. As part of this scheme we are identifying what we need to do to change our school environment to attract and sustain pollinators. This has taken us outdoors regularly to enjoy the fantastic learning space that our grounds provide. This topic has covered the eight areas of the curriculum and helped make us more responsible citizens and consider the impact of what we do. Pupils have enjoyed using ICT to research and record information about the change in lifecycles of important pollinators making links from stories and non-fiction texts.

Pollination area

The children have been busy over the last week preparing the fence for the pollination garden, with lots of painting.

We would like to thank everyone who gave up their time and helped us paint and erect the fence and also tidy the school grounds.

Many Thanks from all at Inveravon Primary.

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Inveravon is hosting a pollination school day. On the 10th  of November,  we are inviting friends and family  to come to our school to help us paint weed and plant.

In a maths lessons  we have measured fencing for our pollination area and designed it, we are adding an arch and we will make a path to walk round it.

Today we have voted for a paint design we had one block each used blocks and placed them on the one we wanted and have priced it up .

written by Rowan P6



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Today the children were working with Mrs Lawson. They did a survey of behind the school and found out there were much more bugs than our original survey site, due to change in plants and habitat. They also picked some of the cucumbers, climbing French beans, carrots and tomatoes from the school poly-tunnel.

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