Mayberry Mystery Crime Scene

Good afternoon everyone,

Well done to all of our school investigation teams for visiting the Mining Museum to help us solve this terrible crime. Many theories and ideas were shared last week between each group and I am hoping with your expertise we can find the culprit.

During your visit, many of you collected and gathered possible evidence which I am going to share below incase you missed anything. Every piece of evidence is crucial.

 Plaster with blood

 Cotton bud with soil from a shoe

 Lipstick on a tissue


 Smashed Rolex watch

 Notepad with code

 Torn newspaper article

 Broken glasses

 Black glove

 Note and envelope

 Aerial view map of museum


 Cup with lipstick mark




I hope this is useful information. Thank you again for your participation in this investigation and I look forward to hearing from you on our Yammer investigation group.

Thank you,

Mayberry Police

What have the mi:SPACE team been up to…

It’s been an exciting couple of months, with lots of amazing research being produced and the mi:SPACE project is well underway. Our classes have been researching, making models, participating in the first of our STEM projects, designing, testing and now they’re beginning to order things to change their learning spaces! Behind the scenes there is lots of hard work being done too.


Keeping track of all of your orders on the biggest spreadsheet!


Keeping the brochures up to date and making lots of notes of things to add and remember to do.


This is my cheatsheet for getting around to all the schools! Also underneath is a test print from the new large format printer, which we will be offering out printing options to the schools for them to make posters, graphics and banners for their spaces.


A mountain of VEX robotics kits, which are waiting to be updated, and then they will be heading out to school in the next few weeks for our classes to start their next STEM project. Next week some of our classes will be giving their final presentations to the EDT engineers and other experts, sharing their projects for designing and making an ‘Eco School’.


Floor plans for the building and digital services, to help with painting, physical alterations and connectivity throughout the project.

Visiting ILS Project Schools at Falkirk Council

Following our visit to the Scottish Learning Festival and meeting other ILS project schools, the mi:SPACE team visited Falkirk HS, Larbert HS and Grangemouth HS to find out how they have planned their projects. This was an interesting day for the team to gather information and think about what we are doing in Midlothian.


Each school involved have taken a different approach. Two schools have a STEM based focus and the other a Creative Industries focus. It was a great opportunity to try out some of the furniture and technology available in our mi:SPACE catalogue. This included interactive surfaces, moveable furniture, writeable surfaces and walls.




VEX Robotics Training

It’s great to see lots of tweets this evening from our mi:SPACE schools sharing their learning and experiences from VEX Robotics training today at the National Mining Museum. It looks like everyone had lots of fun and have exciting information to take back to their classrooms. Pupils from Newtongrange Primary School also joined staff this afternoon to find out more and test out the robotics. We are looking forward to the training sessions coming up over the next few days.





Class Visits

Myself and Miss Arkley have been visiting lots of schools since Thursday last week and we’re really impressed by all the work the classes have been doing. Here are a few images from some of the schools with some really inspiring ideas!


Making graphs and using key words at Hawthornden. Really great ideas for bringing together the groups ideas.

image image

Keeping track of independent learning and the project timeline at Danderhall- a really good idea for keeping track of the impact on learning and how the pupils feel about their learning.


Loanhead have been really busy making models, doing class visits, doing class surveys and presentations, we were really impressed with all of their work!


A very professional presentation and wonderful tour of the space at Lasswade Primary. Some really exciting research for transforming their space.


Lots of great questions and a lovely scrapbook at Sacred Heart Primary. They’ve been trying out lots of different working places and positions in their classroom too.


Lots of post-it notes at Newtongrange, a great tool for sharing ideas and adding annotations to existing designs and drawings.


Innovative ideas and up-cycling at Kings Park, the classes had looked at the creative uses of colour, writeable surfaces and making floor plans.


Splitting up into task teams (finance, design etc) at St Andrews Primary, a very creative and professional idea for creating a very comprehensive group project.


Brilliant class model at Rosewell, a great way to let the class discuss elements they like and could change, also for creating an adaptable learning space.


Mi:Space Video Channel

Happy Monday mi:SPACE

A few teachers have mentioned they have some film clips of the work they have been doing in class that they would like to share.

I have created a ‘mi:SPACE’ video channel on Glow which is a safe and secure way of sharing footage of those involved. I have created a quick how to guide if you are interested in doing so here: Uploading Video

Looking forward to meeting two tomorrow night.


mi:SPACE team


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