Vex Robotics

Since we’ve come back to school after the Christmas holidays, we have started our learning about robotics.

The first thing we did was learn about the role of engineers in society. We learned that they solve problems in the world using mechanics, electricity, chemicals and other things. After that, we became engineers by identifying problems in our classroom such as ‘untucked chairs’, ‘pencils on the floor’ and ‘untidy bag boxes’.

Once we had identified the problems, we created our own diagrams of robots that would help us to solve these problems. Here are some examples of our diagrams:




Once we had created our diagrams, we began to look at our Vex Robotics Kits and then we started to organise the pieces that we needed to build our robot. We’re making good progress with this and can’t wait until our next lesson!

Shaun & Dawid




STEM Eco-Classroom Project Evaluation Day

On Thursday the first of December 3 people from the EDT department came in and was assessing our work and learning. We had 5 groups making an 3D classroom and they were asking every group questions about their model of the classroom.


Then after that they got each group to build a tower and it had to be out of 12 peices of paper and it had to hold a block of wood on top and they had to hold the wood for atlest 30 seconds.


At the end of the day, when the assessors had finished looking at our videos, models, posters and folders, they picked 1 group to be the winners and they also gave out medals to the winning group.


It was a great day – the whole class really enjoyed it! We even got a special certificate for our classroom!


by Connie, Carys and Serena

Eco-Classroom Project

Primary 7 at St David’s have been designing their very own eco-classrooms of the future.


In the very beginning, lucky Kaden and Aminta went to Bilston Primary School for the launch of the project. They came back absolutely buzzing about all the opportunities that the project would offer us to change our classroom.


After Kaden and Aminta told us all about it, we were lucky enough to get the chance to choose different learners to work with in cooperative groups. This was far better than Miss O’Brien choosing our groups because it meant that we would get along better and we knew that it was up to us to complete our jobs and responsibilities.


The first thing we did in the project was create a group name (we chose Savage STEM Squad, The Technowizards, Les Petits Einsteins, Super Hero STEM Kids and the Fantastic STEM of Five). Then we created a logo on our ipads or on paper (we got to choose) and used PicCollage to make profiles about each person in our group.

During other lessons, our groups have completed a lot of research and looked at ideas for making our classroom better and more eco-friendly. We shared our eco-ideas and decided on the best ones to use in our eco-classroom model, which we are working on at the moment!


Check back soon to see all of it finished!

Josh, Kaden and Ewan

Eco-Classroom Project

This week, we started our STEM eco-classroom project. This is a project created by the Engineering Development Trust to help us to develop our science, technology, engineering and maths skills. During this project, we are going to challenge ourselves to build an eco-friendly classroom. We need to research eco-friendly classrooms that have already been designed in schools and we are going to use this research to create our classroom in a way that helps the environment.

So far, we have organised ourselves into teams, created a name, logo and motto and made profiles about ourselves on our ipads. We are feeling very excited about doing the rest of this project. More updates to follow!

Carys, Kaityln and Connie 🙂

Primary 7 at St David’s Primary

Primary 7 at St David’s have been having an awesome time working on their Mi:Space project. We have done so many amazing things so far and we are really looking forward to what’s in store after the October break!

To start our project, our teacher created a survey that gave us the chance to give our opinions on the classroom. We were honest and didn’t hold back on anything and it was really interesting to see what other people thought. Our results showed that we didn’t really like the classroom the way it was so we feel really lucky to have the opportunity to make the classroom a better place for us and our learning.

After the survey, we divided our classroom into four different zones – the independent zone, the co-op zone, the genius station and the TALent station (Talk About Learning). After trying these out for a while, we decided to keep the genius station and the independent zone and make the rest of the classroom a ‘free choice’ zone.


Now we have started to look at the brochure and think about what kind of furniture we could maybe get for each of the zones. This has been quite challenging as we are trying to think about what our classroom is going to look like in the future and how it will work for different styles of learning in our classroom.

Other things we have been doing during the project are:

Using the padcaster and greenscreen to make imovies, building lego models of our dream classroom using real lego bricks and ‘buildwithchrome’.


We also made a whiteboard table for making learning easier and more fun because we can draw on tables and show our learning.


We are really excited about what we can do next to make our classroom even more amazing!

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