Our Research

We researched light, colour and sound. Then we investigated different types of furniture including tables, chairs and storage.

We made a wish list for our classroom which was lots of fun and even included a fizzy drinks dispenser!


Then we put on our sensible heads, we used scale drawings and calculated cost to create initial floor plans in partners. Then we peer assessed them using sticky notes to give 2 stars and a wish on each others designs.  img_0049 img_0050 img_0053 img_0054 img_0055 img_0057

Some of the items were hard to visualise in the classroom so we used metre sticks to construct the physical space they would take up.


We decided the rug would be too small for what we wanted after we sat in the space on the floor.


It’s Only The Beginning, Seating Plans 1st

We spent time moving our furniture already in the classroom into different layouts.

When the tables were in 2s and in rows we could turn to work as a 4 easily. We also liked that we developed a positive relationship with someone who we could ask for help and use the C3B4Me method. We didn’t like it as it didn’t make the best use of space, the tables were cramped and we had lots of unused room at the back.


With the tables in 4s we could work in groups easily so project tasks were quick to start with little movement. We felt however,it was hard to concentrate on an individual task as there was always someone who would distract you.


Scattered 2s were good for partner work as we had space to work and discuss ideas without others stealing our ideas. Miss Brownsell struggled to teach the whole class as there was no floor space for us to gather and if she spoke at one end of the room people sat at the other end struggled to hear.


We liked the tables being in diagonal lines as we all faced the smart TV at the angle of the screen. You were able to ask others around you for help easily, however the people at the back struggled to see and the people at the end of the row could only speak to 1 person.


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