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Key Features of a Good Science Lesson

With inspiration from Sciences ‘Principles & Practice’ and ‘The Sciences 3 – 18’ here are some of the things that we came up with as key features of a good science lesson.

  • Stimulate interest in pupils and staff
  • flexibility and choice (Variety)
  • Motivation, challenging, engaging and enjoyable
  • Consistency not just random facts
  • Actively involved – Interactions
  • Questioning – to consolidate knowledge
  • Develop thinking and understanding
  • Discussion and reflection
  • Teamwork
  • Learning outdoors (Field trips)
  • Observation, recording and classification skills – Using real materials/living things in real life situations
  • Scientific literacy – Process, summarise and present findings e.g. how to identify reliable sources
  • Confidence in skills e.g. scientific communication
  • Predictions
  • Higher order thinking
  • ICT
  • Effective use of interdisciplinary work
  • Links between science and other curricular areas