Teaching isn’t just a profession…

I have always been attracted in a career in education, particularly primary school education because I am passionate about making a difference to the lives and learning of future generations. As the daughter of a primary school head teacher I have spent a considerable amount of my own formative years being part of a thriving school community.

I relish working with young children, watching them grow, develop and supporting them as they discover more about the world around them. I believe children should be given the best possible start in life to set them up to achieve and accomplish they most that they can, gaining the full experience possible from every opportunity handed to them.

Some children aren’t blessed with parents who will put them first and help them to achieve to their fullest potential like I was, some parents will, but I believe that teachers should be there to back up and support the children whose parents are there for them and be the missing support that children whose parents aunt there for them need. Through teaching you aren’t just educating your pupils, your pupils are educating you too, you learn and grow with them developing as they develop- teaching isn’t a job where you are ever finished learning.

These are my reasons for choosing teaching not as a job but a way of life.