Health and Well being – Food and Health

We looked at the definition of health and came up with the fact that it includes physical, mental and social wellbeing. This led us to think about the definition of wellbeing which is about individual vitality, meaningful activities, and resilience. Teaching these things allows children to recognise what they need to do to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. To go into a deeper discussion about how to live healthily we need to look at the food which we eat, and which people give their children to eat, to see if what we think is good for us is just advertisement or if it’s the truth.

Before the lecture, we were asked to watch John Cornochan’s video called sugar rush. Which explored this in more detail and exposed parents to the ingredients that are in the foods which are given to young people. Packaging can be misleading when it tells you a product is fat-free however it is full of sugar or hidden sugars. Parents and children need to be educated on what to look for on the ingredients list of foods and take a bit more time and consideration before buying unhealthy foods. Planning for choices and change gives children the ability and skills to make decisions and personally plan what they might eat or what physical activities they need to do to live healthily.

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  1. Mike Bartle

    These are good points – well presented. It also allows you to understand how society deposits perceptions and behaviours upon us. What Bourdieu calls ‘habitus’. Remember to check spellings – is it Cornochan? Well done.


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