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No More Boring

Having crept away from the thought of writing blog posts over the festive period, I have now taken the advice from my lecturer and looked at some of my fellow student’s blog posts. I have to admit I feel slightly embarrassed with myself in regards to the amount of blog posts others have done compared to myself. The blog posts I have read were extremely good and some lengthy compared to my own. This has given me the opportunity to evaluate my own work and realise I need to produce blog posts to a higher standard considering the profession I want to go into. I believe some of my posts have not had a great deal of thought or effort put into them, which looking back now is disappointing. I believe it is highly important to reflect upon situations whether this is a specific class that has been attended or a book that has been read. Bearing that in mind I am going to set myself the goal of creating a reflective blog post weekly and commenting on at least three fellow student’s blog posts.

Upon reading my fellow student’s blog posts I have established that my blog posts can appear to be quite boring. This is due to the fact that I have never inserted a picture or a video clip into any of my blog posts, the titles of my blog posts are uninspiring and would not appeal to people, the font and colour of the text always remains the same and I rarely use quotes or statements to support my view. My aim is to make my blog posts more appealing by changing all these aspects in order to inspire people to read my blog posts.


I believe that reading my fellow student’s blog posts has inspired me to become more creative with my blog and to engage more thoroughly. I believe that in writing a blog post weekly I can improve my confidence and prepare for assignments through reflecting on my learning.





To me reflection is an integral part of life, I believe if we do not reflect on situations then we will never learn. When writing reflection allows the reader to get an insight into who you are as a person, it allows the reader to have a deeper insight into the situation making them feel like they are going through this. Reflecting allows you to draw upon past experiences and come to a point whereby you can portray your point of view. Being reflective allows the reader to be critical of themselves or of a situation which happens through processing our thoughts. When writing it is important to be reflective as this shows the reader exactly what happened as you can put feeling and emotion into the writing whereas if you do not reflect and just describe a situation the reader may find it lifeless and uninteresting.

Study Skills Book.

From reading the study skills book I have learnt to prepare myself prior to lectures- reading power points or by doing background reading/research into the topic. University is mainly self study which I had perceived it to be, however there are various resources the university provide to help with this. University does not monitor you as closely as school or college would and you are not chased up if tasks are not completed. From the book I understand that through my 4 years of university I will use various different skills such as development skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills. These are skills that throughout my 4 years I will improve upon and when it comes to obtaining a job employers will look for these skills. I understand that a big part of university involves a personal development plan which will help me with numerous things from making and achieving goals both personal and academic, understanding my course in more depth and taking responsibility for my own development.

Inspiration to Become a Teacher.

Throughout my childhood I always had aspirations to become a teacher, I would sit with my friends playing a game we called ‘schools’ most often than not I would play the role of the teacher. I would give my ‘class’ spelling tests and maths tests to complete and correct them. During my primary education I had various teachers I had strong connections with and remember tasks we completed that inspired me that I would become a teacher like them, they were fun and friendly which appealed to me as a young child. Throughout my years at high school I went from wanting to become a teacher, to wanting to become a child psychologist and then a children’s nurse my decision was always based around children and helping them in some form. When leaving school I applied to study nursing on which I became accepted however, after serious consideration I rejected my offers and decided to take up a full time job. At this time I did not fully understand which career path I wanted to take and felt I needed to have a break from education and let myself mature and explore the world.

In 2012 we made a decision as a family for my parents to become foster carers so we could support and help children to the best of our ability. Throughout the journey of fostering we have had several placements from birth-16 years which helped me to make the decision that teaching was the career path for me. Seeing each of the children grow and learn new things on a daily basis made me so proud and gave me a goal to work towards and that was to follow my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. I enjoy helping the children with their homework or teaching them new tasks such as baking or simple things like brushing their teeth. With my parents being foster carers this is truly inspirational and has given me insight into how children develop and how rewarding it is to see them grow.

When I become a teacher I would like to be a fun and approachable teacher who understands the needs of the children. I would want to make the children feel motivated about learning and show various styles of learning. I would like active learning to be a main part of my teaching as I believe children learn more by doing, rather than sitting with pencil and paper for a full school day.

Jade Lumsden.

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Teacher, Lorraine Lapthorne conducts her class in the Grade Two room at the Drouin State School, Drouin, Victoria

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