Personal audit & transferable skills

Activity 1

1. Below are a list of skills and abilities. Complete an audit of where you are now. Record this in your learning journal/portfolio.

Rate yourself (1=Not very well developed; 3=very well developed)

Skills and Abilities




 Self Confidence  2
 Share opinions confidently  2
 Team work  3
 Take responsibility  3
 Listen to others  3
 Debate formally and informally  1
 Use technology  2
 Evaluate information  2
 Think critically  1


Although it is important to identify where we are now, it is not enough to stop there. We need to reflect upon how we can develop the skills where we are less confident and how we can transfer the skills in which we are confident and competent.

Activity 2

Complete the audit below, using the information from the table above.

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills already developed How will I use these How do I know (evidence)**
 Team work  I feel I will use team work in numerous ways throughout university such as working with my peers on tasks, working with a wide range of staff on my professional practice and working in a multi-agency setting with CLD workers and social workers  I work in a shop and have done for 4 years which I feel this was my opportunity to work as part of a team and even take charge of a team for 1 year.
 Listening to others  I will need to listen to various people throughout the course of university such as lecturers, my peers opinions and staff and children whilst on professional practice.  Throughout my time at college I was a class rep which meant I had to listen to my peers opinions and address these to the teaching staff. I also done a placement in a local primary school where I listened to the children to help the best I possibly could.
 Take responsibility  I will need to take responsibility for my learning and coursework throughout my 4 years at university.  I have taken responsibility of running a team within my role at work. I have also taken responsibility for my college work and always handed in assignments on time.

** This section should be completed as you identify when/where/how you have used/developed these skills.


Recognition/Reflection Action
What hinders my learning? How can I address this factor?
Example: “I’m easily distracted” ·         Study in a place where distractions are minimal

·         Read lecture notes before the lecture and then take notes lectures to keep me focused

Loud study areas ·         Study in quiet areas (library, home)
Balancing study, work and social life ·         Use a diary to plan what needs to be done and when it needs to be done

·         Reduce working hours

Recognition/ Reflection Action
What helps my learning? How can I utilise this?
Example: “Discussing the topic with others” ·         Set up a study group of like-minded peers·         Engage with the online community
Quiet study area ·         Study in silent area of library·         Set up a quiet area to study at home
Group discussions ·         Reflect on lectures/workshops with peers·         Use my eportfolio to discuss topics
Being organised ·         Plan in advance·         Allow time for everything to be done

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