To me reflection is an integral part of life, I believe if we do not reflect on situations then we will never learn. When writing reflection allows the reader to get an insight into who you are as a person, it allows the reader to have a deeper insight into the situation making them feel like they are going through this. Reflecting allows you to draw upon past experiences and come to a point whereby you can portray your point of view. Being reflective allows the reader to be critical of themselves or of a situation which happens through processing our thoughts. When writing it is important to be reflective as this shows the reader exactly what happened as you can put feeling and emotion into the writing whereas if you do not reflect and just describe a situation the reader may find it lifeless and uninteresting.

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  1. John MuirJohn Muir

    From being in our lecturers, it has been widely recommended that we reflect on our actions in order to benefit our own personal and professional development. It’s nice to see here that you are already reflecting on your actions, and have already been reflecting prior to this, by seeing the benefits of it.


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