Science TDT 2 What Makes a Good Science Lesson

Science Lesson.

Aim: To produce a good science lesson.

Hypothesis: With all instructions followed, the lesson should be able to be deemed as good.


  • Enthusiastic Teacher x1.
  • A comfortable classroom environment x1.
  • Actively involved pupil x30.
  • An interesting and relevant subject.
  • A clear set of learning intentions.
  • Understandable success criteria.
  • Rocket x15.
  • Meter trundle wheel x1
  • Stopwatch x1
  • Cylindrical tube x1
  • Pump x1



Starting in the classroom, the equation, ‘d = vt’ will be written on the board, the teacher will then ask the class if anyone is able to rearrange the equation to work out ‘v’, calling on the previous knowledge of the class. After a pupil has rearranged the equation, the teacher will then explain to the class that they are going to launch their previously made rockets and use time and distance to work out how fast they were going. This is so the class can learn how to apply the equation and so they can learn how the design of their rockets effects how far they go. As the class is moving outside, the expectations of the class will be restated. When the class is outside, they will launch their rockets at an angle and record the distance they flew and the time it took the rocket to stop moving.


Learning Summary:

  • How to manipulate equations.
  • How to measure distance and time.
  • How to calculate speed using distance and time.
  • Applying knowledge in practical situations
  • Understanding variables and the importance of accuracy

Results: Hopefully, this lesson has been engaging and interesting for the class, this is because the lesson has broken out of the classroom and so has mixed things up for the pupils. The teacher has also been enthusiastic throughout the lesson which has kept the pupils interested as they can tell when the teacher isn’t interested in the lesson. The beginning of the lesson would be interesting for the class as they are excited for the rest of the lesson and so are intrigued at the beginning.

ICT Input

During the ICT workshops we explored animation with simple 2d shapes and then 3d models, all using the simple software of ZU3d. I felt right at home with this input. Creativity involving technology is something I really enjoy. I find that these creative projects can really help pupils work together in a way where every skill in lots of different subjects is required. Literacy when coming up with a story board, numeracy when dealing with frames per second and general motor skills where a few of the areas covered.

With these kinds of projects, it can really highlight the good uses of technology and show pupils that all this software is out there and is there for people to be creative and to share their stories. Stop go animation was something that stuck with me in primary school and I continue to dip into different types of software today to create these stories.

An example of software, that I would recommend is Pivot Animator, not only is it free, but is incredibly simple to use.

Here is just a small example of something I have made within pivot animator in about twenty minutes.

Learning Today

Teaching is one in the same with learning. Without knowledge and the will to keep learning there is nothing to teach. As people we are constantly learning new things. During our academic years (especially during high school) we were not learning for the right reasons. Instead, working hard and learning was for and only for the grades it would provide us for the next steps. Education as an idea, was to bring knowledge to those who did not have it. The transfer of ideas and skills to enhance us as people and for the general improvement of our life.

I want education to be as it was intended to be. Education should be for everyone and accessible to all. I personally wanted to pursue education as a career because i want to encourage learning for the sake of learning. If children enjoy and understand the potential of learning they will become active learners. Teachers who love teaching , teach children to love learning.

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