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ICT Input

During the ICT workshops we explored animation with simple 2d shapes and then 3d models, all using the simple software of ZU3d. I felt right at home with this input. Creativity involving technology is something I really enjoy. I find that these creative projects can really help pupils work together in a way where every skill in lots of different subjects is required. Literacy when coming up with a story board, numeracy when dealing with frames per second and general motor skills where a few of the areas covered.

With these kinds of projects, it can really highlight the good uses of technology and show pupils that all this software is out there and is there for people to be creative and to share their stories. Stop go animation was something that stuck with me in primary school and I continue to dip into different types of software today to create these stories.

An example of software, that I would recommend is Pivot Animator, not only is it free, but is incredibly simple to use.

Here is just a small example of something I have made within pivot animator in about twenty minutes.