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Digital Footprints

After researching more about what a digital footprint is through the Digital Literacy Bitesize Unit 2, it has allowed me to fully understand how important it is to be careful about what you post/ do online.

I remember we had a lecture in first year about how important it is to be careful with what you post online as anybody can see it. This information was reinforced to me greatly from watching the videos on the unit as it really opened my eyes as to how much a social media post can say about you, especially when it can be seen out of context. The video “Orange Digital Dirt” was really eyeopening as it expressed the message that future employers can search you up online and judge you based off what you post online. For example if you posted something that put you in a bad light then other people can see that and can make assumptions about you that may not even be true. Therefore it is vital that you make your digital footprint as true to yourself as possible as this will protect your reputation as a person.

I searched myself up on google and it was fascinating seeing all my accounts come up as a result. It really proved to me that even if you are private online people can still see you online in some way. This further reinforced to me just how important it is to make your digital footprint as accurate to yourself as possible as anyone can see you and judge what kind of person you are based on these posts.

I am always going to continue to be careful with anything I post, making sure that it portrays me as my true self in a good light.


“Orange Digital Dirt” Video

Reflection- Fundamental to My Development as a Teacher

A key element to a teacher’s career is to reflect on the things that they do. Reflection is vital because you are able to evaluate yourself in all kinds of scenarios which helps you to discover your own strengths and weaknesses. These can be used to think of ways in which you can improve and grow in your career, which helps to make you a better teacher as you progress.

For example, as I reflect from semester 1, I realise that my confidence in speaking out has grown massively throughout the ¬†Working Together module. I remember at the very beginning during group discussions I felt I was very quiet and too shy to speak out my ideas. Thinking back this may have been because at this time our group didn’t have a strong working relationship as we had all just met each other. As the weeks progressed, I began to think to myself, that the way to improve my confidence to express my views and opinions was to try and be brave and speak out gradually. By doing this, I realised that my ideas actually made helpful contributions and as our relationship as a group became stronger, I realised that no idea was a bad one. This in turn encouraged me to speak more and more which made me develop my communication and team working skills by contributing as much as I could.

From this experience, I learned that I should not have been so shy at the beginning as it meant that I could not fully engage in our discussions by being nervous to speak. By reflecting, it helped me to address the situation in my mind and developed my problem solving skills by thinking of ways in which I could improve and resolve the fact that I was lacking in confidence. I learned that I could make useful contributions after I got the confidence to express my thoughts which encouraged me to speak even more. If I didn’t reflect on my feelings, I would never have resolved the issue as I would not have thought of ways in which I could have grown. Therefore, from this I realise just how important it is in my professional development to reflect as it is the only way to realise what I am doing right and what I could be doing differently in order to get better. Reflection will help me in many more scenarios throughout my career as a teacher as I understand that developing as a teacher is a work in progress. There are going to be good days in my career and also many bumps on the road but by reflecting, it will help me resolve potential problems and become much more resilient, which are essential qualities to have in a teacher.