Primary Teaching

I have many different reasons for pursuing a career in primary education. First of all, I have always wanted to do something that could make a genuine difference in people’s lives. For years my definition of this was to pursue a career in medicine (specifically as a paediatrician). However when it came to my work experience placement in a hospital I realised that this was not for me. Obviously it was incredibly interesting and was an amazing opportunity but I began to struggle to see myself as a doctor. We were often given the advice that if we weren’t 100% sure, then we shouldn’t bother. Fortunately I took this advice.

Immediately after this I did a work experience placement in an additional support needs primary school. This was as equally interesting and rewarding as the hospital but with one key difference. I could see myself as a primary teacher. However it was more than just that. I realised that I could make a real difference in children’s lives, which was essentially what I had always wanted to do.

I have always found it incredibly unfair that the education a child receives is dependent upon whether they go to a “good” school or a “bad” school and whether they are from a disadvantaged area or not. As a future primary teacher I hope to try and change this, even if I only effect the lives of a few children.

In addition I am fascinated by the way that people learn in different ways and as a teacher I would have the opportunity to observe this firsthand while also making a difference to their lives and to their attitude to learning. I always had a positive attitude to learning which I feel I have benefited from greatly from throughout my life. I would love to share my love of learning with future generations.