Digital Footprints

After researching more about what a digital footprint is through the Digital Literacy Bitesize Unit 2, it has allowed me to fully understand how important it is to be careful about what you post/ do online.

I remember we had a lecture in first year about how important it is to be careful with what you post online as anybody can see it. This information was reinforced to me greatly from watching the videos on the unit as it really opened my eyes as to how much a social media post can say about you, especially when it can be seen out of context. The video “Orange Digital Dirt” was really eyeopening as it expressed the message that future employers can search you up online and judge you based off what you post online. For example if you posted something that put you in a bad light then other people can see that and can make assumptions about you that may not even be true. Therefore it is vital that you make your digital footprint as true to yourself as possible as this will protect your reputation as a person.

I searched myself up on google and it was fascinating seeing all my accounts come up as a result. It really proved to me that even if you are private online people can still see you online in some way. This further reinforced to me just how important it is to make your digital footprint as accurate to yourself as possible as anyone can see you and judge what kind of person you are based on these posts.

I am always going to continue to be careful with anything I post, making sure that it portrays me as my true self in a good light.


“Orange Digital Dirt” Video

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