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My Mini Inquiry- Where are there IB schools around the world?

I know that there are International Baccalaureate (IB) schools worldwide, however, I would like to use this opportunity to inquire about the IB’s history and find out just how many IB schools are out there and where exactly they are in the world. It is amazing that all IB schools share the same curriculums, yet can be so far away from each other. I believe that the interconnectedness of all the IB schools mirrors how interconnected pupils are with each other considering they are all from different places and unite through a universal curriculum.

Through my inquiry, I have learnt that on September 3rd 2019, it was recorded that there were 6,812 programmes being offered worldwide, across 5,175 schools in 157 countries (IBO, 2019, Facts and Figures). This is astonishing to see just how many IB schools exist worldwide. I have also learnt that over half of the total number of IB programmes are taught in the Americas (52.6%). This surprised me because I thought that there would be an even spread of IB schools in each country but I realise I was wrong and now have learnt something new. I also learnt that 26.5% of IB programmes are taught in Africa, Europe and the Middle East and 20.9% of IB programmes are taught in Asia-Pacific (IBO, 2019, Facts and Figures). I expected there to be much more IB programmes being taught in Europe than 26.5% as many European children go to IB schools. But I now realise that they perhaps decide to move out of Europe to the states.

The number of IB programmes offered worldwide has grown by 39.3% (IBO, 2019, Facts and Figures). This is amazing because now that more countries offer an IB education, the more schools that are available for families who constantly need to move around the world for jobs etc. It also shows that the IB curriculum is successful due to its growth worldwide, it works well for many.

I am going to experience what IB is like in practice in Italy which excites me very much. 18 schools in Italy offer the PYP (IBO, 2019, Facts and Figures). This is a very good number of schools which can accommodate for many children and their families. I am very much looking forward to experiencing life in an IB school and what also excites me is that many of my colleagues are going to different countries than me, for example Spain, Canada and even Australia! It will be interesting to compare each other’s experiences as we may share very similar ones but we will also most likely have very different ones.

reference: Facts and Figures, International Baccalaureate


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

After learning about the role of action in the PYP, I now have a deeper understanding of why it is such a crucial part to the curriculum.

I have learnt that actions come in many forms, big and small. Big actions are often life changing and make bigger impacts onto the individuals carrying out the action and also many others around the world who are affected by the issue. An example of a bigger action would be organising a bake sale/ raffle to help raise money for a specific global or local issue within the community. Through organising these events the money raised can make a huge difference. On the other hand, actions can also be small. With children, actions need to be realistic and achievable, so small actions are a key part of school life and are fundamental to a child’s development. Examples of small actions can be as small as making a friend or being healthier. As long as it helps develop the child in a positive way, then the action is significant to them and will help them to be a better version of themselves which is great for later in life.

The action I will take from this input will be to not think that every action needs to be a big one. I will focus on completing actions that are realistic for me to achieve and will try my best to make sure I carry out these actions and not procrastinate. Intentions are only a small proportion of the action, it is fundamental that you carry the action out.  For example I want to be healthier myself and I want to achieve this by improving my lifestyle choices eating better and exercising more, so I will make sure I will do all that I can to achieve this. If I just told myself I would exercise more and eat healthier rather than actually doing it, no differences would be made. Therefore it is important to follow intentions through to the end to achieve a positive difference.

I also want to take action on my learning through completing my tutor directed tasks so that I gain as much out of inputs as possible to better my learning. I will focus on one action at a time, as I can often overwhelm myself when it comes to getting things done, so another action I will take from this input is that there is no time limit to complete an action (unless there is a deadline)! I will make sure that I take my time and complete actions in my life with all the time I need, so the effects of the completed action can be the most positive. When I know I have completed an action such as doing my homework, it also benefits my wellbeing as it makes me feel better knowing that I have completed something I needed to do rather than having a massive to do list to stress about. The happier I feel, the easier it is to complete actions.

In short, any action, big or small, can make such a difference to a person’s life, and that is why actions are crucial to the curriculum.