Improving Gender Balance and Equalities Resources


STEM: improving gender balance, equity and equality – understanding who feels STEM is ‘right’ for them and why.









Gender Stereotypes: An introduction for practitioners







Improving Gender Balance and Equalities: A Collaborative Approach – overview of IGBE rationale, key actions and connections with other education priorities and key national strategies







IGBE in a nutshell – a summary of what we do and why it’s important





Is STEM for the masculine and brainy?

STEM and self-efficacy – why are girls less likely to feel they are good at STEM?

Further improving gender balance and equalities resources:
Improving gender balance and equalities 3-18 ideas, research and resources
The Gender Friendly Nursery – a programme to support ELC establishments reduce gender stereotypes and promote gender equality.
Zero Tolerance – resources to help practitioners enhance gender equality for children across all

ELC settings.
Care inspectorate – Gender Equal Play in early learning and childcare – practical tips plus advice on books, toys, activities, training and further reading

Gender equality for primary schools – a toolkit to support embedding gender equality into school policy, ethos and curriculum.

Gender Action – resources to support a whole setting approach