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Inclusion and Diversity

On the 30 January we looked at Inclusion and Diversity. We looked at these concepts and what their definitions were. We looked at the different attitudes towards inclusion and diversity, the benefits of the inclusion and diversity and also the potential barriers to inclusion and how to overcome these barriers. I feel that I did learn a lot in this session. I learned about the different levels of inclusion and why it is very important. I felt that I managed to cope with the main concepts and issues that were discussed in this session. I feel though that I could look back on a couple of the concepts such as the Equality Act (2010) and be able to refine my knowledge on that act.  I feel that my knowledge of these areas has increased as a result of this session however I feel that there is a couple of areas that I need to work on and in order to improve these areas I will look back on my notes and the lecture.

Prejudice and Ideology

On March 6th we looked at Prejudice and Ideology. I found this to be very interesting and I feel like I learned a lot today from the lecture, the independent task and the tutorial. I learned the difference between prejudice and discrimination.  I learned what sub cultures are and the vast amount of groups that this covers. I learned simply what prejudice is and what Ideology involves. I feel that I do understand the main concepts from today as I was able to follow majority of what was being said and I was able to contribute a lot to the discussions we were having. I feel that I need to look back on certain areas today that I felt I didn’t fully understand like the term secularisation and just other terms I could do with knowing better. My knowledge as a result of today has improved greatly in the areas we discussed however I feel like I could do with bolstering my knowledge.  What I have learned helped me understand how prejudice impacts on both micro and macro worlds. One example is that your family can impact on how you view things while considering the micro world. In terms of the macro world the media can influence our prejudices based on what they write.

Inclusion and Equality

On the 7 February we looked at Inclusion and Equality with a focus on disability. We looked at human rights, ways to promote equality, potential barriers to equality and how to overcome them. I felt that I learned that at least 15% of the world’s population has a significant, long term, physical or mental impairment that can and usually disable them from taking part in the usual educational, social and economic activity within their own community. I believe that I understood the main concepts, theories and ideas that were discussed. I was very vocal whenever we were having any discussions during the tutorial when we were made to think about these concepts and what they mean. I feel that my skills have developed in the fact that I have a better understanding of these issues now than say what I did when I was younger. One skill that I need to develop is being more vocal in the lecture itself. When we are in a tutorial I am good with speaking up but in the lecture I am completely different and almost don’t want to say anything just because there’s a lot more people in the lecture hall.  To address this development I will try to build up my confidence so when it comes to the lecture I will be more willing to contribute vocally in the lecture.

Society and Lifestyles Monday 16 January 2017

Today’s lesson revolved around looking at religion and seeing the different points of view of what people think religion is and what it does. We looked at different types of religion as a social institution. We looked at different theories of religion. An example of this is Bronislaw Malinowski who believed that there were scientific laws of culture could also be applied to religion in that religion serves particular needs of individuals and society. The theories was the area I felt I struggled to grasp and understand fully. To fix this I will read up on the theories and hopefully after looking over it I will eventually being able to increase my knowledge on these theories. I feel even though I struggled with the theories I still came out knowing an awful lot more than I did when I walked in as before today my knowledge on religion was very limited and made me think about what I believe the definition of religion is. This can relate to my general understanding of how much religion actually impacts me and society without me even realising. Like I said early I think I need to improve my knowledge and understanding of the different theories of religion and also become more vocal in group tasks and trying to answer out more.