Inclusion and Equality

On the 7 February we looked at Inclusion and Equality with a focus on disability. We looked at human rights, ways to promote equality, potential barriers to equality and how to overcome them. I felt that I learned that at least 15% of the world’s population has a significant, long term, physical or mental impairment that can and usually disable them from taking part in the usual educational, social and economic activity within their own community. I believe that I understood the main concepts, theories and ideas that were discussed. I was very vocal whenever we were having any discussions during the tutorial when we were made to think about these concepts and what they mean. I feel that my skills have developed in the fact that I have a better understanding of these issues now than say what I did when I was younger. One skill that I need to develop is being more vocal in the lecture itself. When we are in a tutorial I am good with speaking up but in the lecture I am completely different and almost don’t want to say anything just because there’s a lot more people in the lecture hall.  To address this development I will try to build up my confidence so when it comes to the lecture I will be more willing to contribute vocally in the lecture.