Leaving to University

Updated 26/8/21

The S5/S6 University application sessions run every Thursday and every Friday for those who attend Adv Higher classes on a Thu.

Below are documents shared with pupils every Thu to assist with the process.

We endeavour to support all pupils to aim high and strive to reach university. The documents below set out the support that is in place for pupils and what they have been working through so far. It would be useful for parents/ carers to be aware of these too, particularly deadlines and guides to helping pupils make choices/ apply.

Please note- attendance at UCAS sessions is required and are registered. It is not optional. This is to ensure all pupils are able to apply at the same time and that the school can assist in the process.

Please contact Mr Clelland at the school if you have any questions- 0141 582 0200 / gw15clellandrobert@glow.sch.uk 

University Application Support Documents 

  1. UCAS 1 Register
  2. UCAS Week 2 Choosing a Course
  3. Week 3- Personal Statements
  4. From Week 4, UCAS sessions will be dedicated to work on Personal Statements. The deadline for personal statements being with Pastoral Care is Mon 18th Oct. Mr Clelland is happy to read over these before this date.

Example Personal Statements 

Class Teacher Reference Forms – download here

Oxford and Cambridge

Admissions testing for Oxbridge Courses will be available for all Glasgow City Council candidates at St Roch’s Secondary School.

Please speak to Mr Clelland ASAP re this.

Candidates are required to bring photo ID on the day of testing, candidates are not permitted to sit admissions tests without ID.

Early Applications: Dentistry, Vet Medicine and Medicine

These courses require early applications- they need to be completed by the 15th October.

If you or your pupil is planning to apply to any of the above, it is vital that they have spoken to Mr Clelland ASAP.

Note: some universities also require an additional assessment (UCAT or LNAT etc). Please check respective university websites for details and book early- these are entirely separate form the school and are the responsibility of the applicant, though advice and guidance are always offered.

Fees and Loans


All pupils must apply to SAAS to cover their university tuition fees (opens early April for 2021 intake)


Student Loans Company


Students who want to apply for student loans must apply through the SLC- note: this is optional

Bursaries and Scholarships

These are programmes that students can apply to and receive lots of benefits, including  financial support. Pupils may need to meet certain criteria to qualify. These are external from Rosshall Academy and we have no input into selection. See each scholarship for details:

  • STAR Scholarship, Strathclyde University (open to all courses)


  • Institute of Civil Engineers QUESTS Scholarships (for all Engineering applicants)


  • Glasgow University Scholarships search tool


  • Robertson Trust: Journey to Success.
Speak to Mr Clelland if applying for any of these scholarships.