Week beginning 17.04.23

Courtyard – Block play

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream 🍦 this week, the children decided to continue their interest in our favour summer treat- ice cream- and they asked for a shopping till in the construction area! This expands their learning so much by introducing the concept of money 💰 waiting patiently their turn, the children then put in their order and the shop keeper served them ice cream and told them a price (£100 may be a bit steep for ice cream) and the children exchanged plastic bottle caps and got their favourite flavoured treat! This experience covers all of the important aspects of early years learning! It covers numeracy with money exchanging, counting and number recognition. It covers literacy through the language the children were using to one another in their imaginative play. And finally, it covers health and well-being through the building of friendships in their play.

Amazing job everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your ice cream 🍦

Expressive Area

The rainbow fish 🐠 🌈

We created some stain glass window collage pictures based on the book the rainbow fish. The children worked their fine motor skills using the scissors to cut the tissue paper into smaller pieces and applying the sellotape on the pre cut hole in the paper. Once fully sellotaped I double checked for gaps and we flipped the picture round to start sticking with tissue paper. Once complete the children put some blue tack on their picture and chose a place on the glass fire door to see the sunshine through their ‘stain glass picture’.

Later in the week we created some salt paint

In order to make salt paint we required glue, salt and some food colouring. The purpose of this experience was to learn about absorption as they transfer their white art into a colourful creation. The children seemed to really enjoy this experience and love participating in science experiments 🧬 🧪.

Courtyard – Gross motor

This week in the courtyard we have been working on our number recognition and colour matching.  The boys and girls have been showing me that they are able to subitise when looking at the dice then they were able to confidently find the matching number.  Later in the week we played a colour matching scavenger hunt where the children found items of different colours then group them together.🤩

STEM area

This week the children have been observing their runner beans growing and also potting them up.

We have been using recycled pots alongside compost and sticks from our garden to support them to grow as big as we can!

The children were so excited to pot them up. We spoke about the different parts of our beans from the roots, the stems to leaves and how we would get flowers then runner beans.

After we potted them we put them back in our sunny window sill and gave them a big drink of water. 💦🫘🌱


With the sunshine showing a little more consistency, we are now able to get more of our gardening jobs done! ☀️ the children got their paintbrushes out and got stuck into our new fence around the allotment at the top of the garden! Choosing to paint it green, to boys and girls made an excellent job of it and it looks absolutely fantastic! So next time you have some spare time, feel free to come and look at all the hard work the boys and girls have been putting into their garden!

2-3 Room

The children have been showing a great interest in our “Runaway Pea” book. The children ask to read this book multiple times a day. On our termly trip to Milngavie Mannor, our local care home our little acorns listened and laughed as our friend Margret one of the residents read to the children. Margret was a teacher and said “it truly makes my day having a visit from you all, I love reading to the children it was my favourite part of my job when I was a teacher” Margret was a English teacher at Douglas High School. H.M asked to make “pea soup” when we read the book, so we worked together and made a list. The children then walked to the shops and used the visual shopping list to gather the ingredients. The children were able to help chop to make the soup. The children tried the soup. A few children said “thumbs up” and “yum” where others said “no thanks”. Demonstrating they are developing the ability to communicate their likes and dislikes. With the childrens interest of the Runaway pea we then set up a pea planting provocation. J.G was keen to explore with their senses, squeezing the peas and filling and emptying the plant pots. F.R with encouragement counted “1,2,3,4 peas.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂




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