Week beginning 13.05.24

rt Area 

This week in the art area we have been focusing on symmetry after creating beautiful butterflies last week. The children have used different materials to create symmetry on the table 🦋🤩👏


Over the past few weeks, the children have been very busy developing our tree area at the top of the garden! Using tools and risk assessment skills, the children have offered a hand practically using hammers and screwdrivers, as well as, offering their opinions about what should be added and the how to make it as safe as can be! We have added a balance bridge, an obstacle course, a den, tree swings, and so much more! This wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic ideas from the children and now our gross motor development has no limit! Outstanding work everyone!

Baking Area

We have been very busy in baking area. This week we have made smoothies and banana bread. The children have been practising chopping the fruit, demonstrating good fine motor skills and safety using knives. The children have also been exploring technology while using the smoothie machine.


This week in the construction area the children were talking about boats and how big they are in the water, the children then used the water tray and the blocks to build their own boats. This then led on to the children talking about how boats float in the water even though they are very heavy. The children then made their own chart using tally marks to see what different object they thought would float or sink the children made their predictions and added a tally to the right column, we then used the water tray to see what was going to happen with the objects. Once we had tested all the objects the children then spoke about what happened and if they had made the right choice and why they thought the objects did either float or sink.

Story Corner

We have been practicing our rhyming this week. We have been matching crayon 🖍️ colours with other words e.g glue with blue, bed with red, bite with white and bean with green.

In another activity, the children have been choosing an item from the Rhyming Basket and then trying to find another item from the basket that rhymes with it.

We have also been looking at the books Oi Frog, Oi Puppies  and Oi Duck-Billed Platypus by Kes Gray and Jim Field where all the animals sit on something that rhymes with their names. We have then been thinking about what our names would sit on!

For Mental Health Awareness week we have been talking about our emotions in the small world area. We have talked about what emotions are, how we feel and what makes us happy, sad, angry etc. We also took our activities outside and drew how we were feeling  and we spoke about why we felt like that.


This week in the garden the children have been using different types of wood and learning the different names. We discovered some wood was easier to hammer than others. We then  used the iPad to look up the different wood types as well this was great work well done boys and girls

Fine motor area

In the fine motor skills area we have been exploring flowers. The children demonstrated great numeracy skills as they measured flowers by counting cubes and matched the correct number of beads to the stem of each flower. The children also demonstrated their mark making skills as they drew flowers in the sand.

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