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A huge warm welcome to our Oakburn EYC Blog. We will use this platform to share news, Information and weekly updates of our learning throughout our centre.

At Oakburn we promote an ethos that is respectful, caring and full of kindness for all within our centre and our community.

We pride ourselves on high quality learning experiences and our outstanding environment. Our environment has large open spaces for children to engage in lots of outdoor play. Within our playrooms we offer a calming nurturing environment.

Our early years practitioners are passionate about high quality learning:- providing stimulating, creative, inquisitive, nurturing spaces for our children to learn and grow.

We appreciate you taking the time to explore our possibilities at Oakburn EYC. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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The courtyard Week beginning 14/06/21

  • After our racing experiences last week  where children made their own signage the children had decided they would like to do lots more writing. One child came to nursery with a dragon on his T-shirt, this sparked some conversation and we decided to write our own stories about a dragon. Other children created their own stories, we have some very good imagination skills here at Oakburn.

The children have also been interest in a lemon smelling hand sanitiser, this sparked conversations about smells. We introduced some citrus fruits for the children to smell, however many children wanted to taste them, so we had a tasting session for the children to try some lemons, limes and oranges, we had some great describing words come out of our tasting sessions and some very funny reactions.

Risk assessing week beginning 14/06/21

This week the children have been continuing to develop their fine motor and self-help skills by practicing slicing and grating fruit. 🍊🍌The children risk assessed using the knife and grater, agreeing to hold the handle and “keep our fingers away from the sharp bit”. We discussed the need for good hygiene when preparing food, with one child saying, “we need to wash our hands or else we could get a sore tummy”. They were then able to prepare fruit for the 3-5’s snack, using their numeracy skills to count the number of slices they were cutting. Well done boys and girls 👏

Acorn room Wk beginning 14/06/2021

They children have been showing an interest in singing songs and following the actions to the songs. Some children have been keen to hide in our tent and behind our colourful scarfs.

One child said  “see the fishy’s”; staff set up our water tray and provided  sea animals as our provocation. A few children were showing an interest in our home area and mud kitchen. We provided resources that developed their curiosity. Another child was in the mud kitchen” making cakes”. We then provided a baking experience.


The Garden Week beginning 14/06/21

Garden blog

Exploring insects have been the main focus in the garden this week. Looking for different types of bugs in different places and identifying them. We pressed toy bugs into clay to explore the insects in more depth and detail.

We have been planting more seeds in the garden! Putting soil in pots and sprinkling carrot seeds on top, we decided to bring them inside to grow at the moment but will plant them in our allotment once they germinate.

Fine motor development Wk beginning 14/06/21

This week the children have been working on counting up to ten and sorting colours into groups using different resources.  Children have been been practicing their fine motor skills also using tweezers to pick up different sized items.

Expressive Room Wk beginning 14/06/21

This week we have explored a Pirate theme 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️. The boys and girls have enjoyed making pirate telescopes and hats . We then went out to the Oakburn ship 🛳 in our garden to see if there was any Pirates coming to steal our treasure chest.

Kirsty the pirate and her pirate helpers made sure that we were keeping a close eye on the treasure chest to make sure it was safe . Percy the parrot 🦜 made an appearance he was very excited to meet all the boys and girls at Oakburn. He left a little message to say “ thanks for having me see you the next time “ .

The boys and girls loved the water tray filled with rice and some hidden treasures , we looked at the Gems and Jewels 💎 that the Pirates had left , feeling them to see if they were soft or hard.

Great job to all my little Pirate helpers

Discovery room Week beginning 14/06/21

We have been using puppets this week as a way of communicating and thinking about our feelings.💕Flora the flamingo made an appearance and encouraged the children to share their news and speak out in front of a group. We also used the inflatable microphones to add a bit of fun!😀

The tuff tray has been a hive of activity also, with various provocations to engage the children such as ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’🐻and Claudia the Counting Cockerel!🐔We have been practicing our counting, number recognition and fine motor skills too! Busy, busy, busy!😀

The courtyard wk beginning 7/6/21

This week we have explored diggers further, one child started to race the diggers, we decided to create a race track, the children explored mathematical language as we talked about first second and first place.

Children helped to create the race track and formed letters to create our finish line. We have had lots of talk around medals today so this will be our progression next week.

The Garden Wk beginning 7/6/21

Some hard work has been going on in Oakburn’s garden. We have been planting potatoes in our planters and pretty flowers in pots, whilst discussing what plants need to grow. We are excited to plant lots more in the garden!

The children have also been exploring woodwork tools and completing their own risk assessment. We used our fine motor skills to saw legs off a table and screw into apples. Soon we will be deconstructing different electrical items!

Acorn Room Wk beginning 7/6/2021

The children have been continuing to explore our different areas within our Acorn room and we have welcomed a few new friends to our Acorn room.  The children have been using arts to continue their learning of colours. We have used dinosaurs through out the week from reading a story called ‘How to wash your little dinosaur’ which led to having dinosaurs in the water tray for children to wash and also painting using dinosaurs footprints.

During one of our group times the children explored musical instruments, peek-a-boo (using blankets and our tunnel).