The garden 2/07/21

In the garden, we had bubbles which then sparked the interest of the bubble trouble book, we read and spoke about the book and a child said β€œ we have green bubbles too”. We then spoke about the size of the bubbles that we had small, medium and large and then the children were running around the garden trying to catch the bubbles. The children then were trying to use the bubbles themselves and let their friends catch them.

Following the interest from the bubbles, the children have been interested in washing the dirty cars with water and making their own bubbles with fairy liquid. We have being using various materials such as sponges, buckets, fairy liquid and coloured paint. We have been mixing the paint in the after to make it a foam coloured car wash also adding lots of fairy liquid to make it very soapy and bubbly. We were also transporting the water from the wheelbarrow to tuff tray adding in boats and also different cars. As we were choosing the cars and the boats we were speaking about the different colours that we had and the size of the cars and boats.

After using our tuff tray from the garden washing dirty toy cars and boats in the garden, the children wanted a real life experience of washing a real car, so then we had our very own Oakburn Carwash! The children had their own individual bucket and sponge filled with car soap, they had a great time, washing the dirty car. As we were out the front our our nursery the children had to risk asses the area and think about

How we could keep ourselves safe? What the dangers were.?Β  What we needed?

To keep safe the children said – Use our listen ears and looking eyes and be careful strangers could be there.

They said the dangers were- Making sure we only stay beside the car we are washing and don’t go on or near the road and stay with the grown ups.

The children said we need- sponges, soapy water, hi-vis vest, goggles and buckets.

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