The Acorn Room 2/07/21

Our little Acorns, have been very active and curious this week.

The children chose to engage in our “We are going on a bear hunt” book where they showed an interest in pointing at the bears body parts. We followed their interest and provided mirrors and an experience of point to your… This supported our little Acorns as they began to learn their body parts. We followed this on with a painting experience, the children were keen to paint there hands and feet. P.M- “paint nonies hands”.

We then supported their numeracy skills, creating spiders with peg legs.  The children counted their legs O.M- “1,2,3,4,5”.

One of our little Acorns was wearing a top that had mini beasts on it, they showed an interest in looking at their top and naming the bugs. We then got out a bug game, we caught the little bugs, developing their fine motor skills and naming them , promoting language.

Our little Acorns have been beginning to develop early friendships with their peers as they explore what our centre has to offer them. A child pointed at their friends and their Early Years Worker (EYW) named them.  With this we created photos of all the peers to support the children learn each other’s names.

We have created a self registration with this to allow the children to strive to develop their self help skills/independence.

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