Maths Week !! W/B 25.09.23

This week we have been celebrating maths week at Oakburn with a focus on shape and motion. Here are some of the exciting things we got up to!

Block Play

During Maths Week children have enjoyed matching the 3D shapes to 2D shapes. We talked about the different properties of 3D shapes and how they have different surfaces. The cylinder has circles at the base and top with the other surface curving round. The cuboid has rectangles.

Block play allows children to experience working with 3D shapes learning about and working with the physical properties.

Acorn Room

This week in the Acorn room to celebrate Maths  Week we have been exploring shape and colours as well as matching.  The children have been using their fine motor skills and coordination to match up the colour to the shapes and also creating their own patterns using the magnetic shapes.

Our little acorns have been learning to recognise shapes. The children were able to sort the dinosaur shape game.  The children identified their favourite shape as they mark maked pictures for their loved ones.


In the courtyard we have been exploring motion as part of Maths week. The children have been building lots of different ramps and rolling cars down them. The children were using their prediction skills to see which car they thought would be fastest. We practiced lots of positional language, talking about heavier and lighter cars, steeper and lower ramps, pushing and pulling our cars and about driving up and down. We tried letting the cars go on their own and then pushing them to see if adding force makes them go faster.

The children enjoyed role playing and also racing their cars round the circuits they had created.


For numeracy week in woodwork the children created some shape jigsaws, the children chose their shape and painted it in the colour of their choice, then using the saw we cut them in half. The children used self risk assessment during this activity while developing gross and fine motor skills. The children then got the chance to put them back together, using their team work skills and problem solving skills all the children managed to re create the shapes.


The children have been using the oats in the malleable area to explore different shapes. The children used the cutters to create different 2D shapes which they were then able to identify.

we used the playdough and different shaped  buttons. We pressed the buttons into the dough to see the shape imprint.

Gross motor area

In the Gross Motor area we have been learning about  circles and semi circles. The children jumped in the hoops developing their gross motor skills, by changing direction while jumping in each hoop. They were also able to count the circles and semi circles in the line.

STEM area

During maths week in the STEM area, we have been exploring force and how it works! Firstly, we done this through making our own paper airplanes! ✈️ We threw them as far as we could and measured what number we got to! For more challenging numbers, we reinforced the concept of 1-1 correspondence for the children to count the number of items beside the written number to still work out how far they threw their plane! They were incredible throughout this! Next, the children made their own rockets and used a straw to blow them as far they could! They started out by drawing their own rocket and designing it themselves. They then cut out the rocket and attached a small pocket to the back of it. From there, they put the straw in and blew as hard as they could and watched the rocket soar! 


Outdoors we went on a shape hunt. The children had shape identifiers and had to find the same shape in the garden. We found loads!

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