27th September The Courtyard

This week Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ⭐️ has been the nursery rhyme of the fortnight , the boys and girls have been practising  singing this fabulously 🤗. We have been very busy at the easel , we have been creating our very own sparkly and Shiney diamonds 💎🔶 using a variety of Shiney and glittery materials . Developing fine motor skills by gluing and sticking 🥰.

We have also made our own stars ⭐️ using lollipop sticks and some gems to make them shine 🤩. Well done everyone for all your hard work 👏 please keep singing 🎤 at home 🏠.

27th September Acorn room

A few children had been exploring the garden in the rain, the children saw a worm in the mud. We scaffolded their learning by creating a bug hunt using mini beast resources. The children used magnifying glasses and tweezers to pick the bugs. This developed their fine motor skills.

27th September. Discovery Area

This week the children have been exploring skeletons  💀They have been learning about how our bodies work and the names of different bones.  They have been very creative when putting the skeleton together.  The children also created their own skeletons using cotton buds. 💀 We also looked at some fossils and the children created their own using clay.

Week beginning 27 Sept Cosy Corner

This week we read a story about a princess who has fun in a maze. One child said “ I’ve been to the maze in Victoria Park”. The children asked if they could have a maze in nursery so we made one with masking tape on the floor. The children had to use their fine motor skills and problem solve to make their way around the maze with the cars.

27 Sept The Studio

The children have been having a tea party so we introduced flavoured tea into the home corner. The children have been using there sense of Smell 👃🏻, and Taste👅. The children said the peppermint tea smelled like chocolate🍫 and it looked brown when the hot water was added. The children loved the smell of the wild Berry tea, a child said it smelled like sweets and enjoyed the taste of it. All the children were amazed when we added the hot water it turned purple. The lemon and ginger tea smelled like oranges 🍊 the children thought.
The children explored the colours of the tea and  were being very safe when pouring the hot water into the jugs . The children were able to say to staff that the water was hot and they needed to be very careful. 

Week beginning 27th September Construction area

This week in the construction area we have been focusing on hammering and screw
driving using the nails and screws and some fruit. The children enforced schematic play in the rotations of the screwdriving in and out. The children were learning about the different shapes to match the screws in order for the screwdriver to work whether it’s a star or a straight line. The children incorporated their own input into this activity ‘making faces’ in the apples. Every time before we use these tools we risk assess talking about the importance of goggles to protect our eyes , keeping our fingers out of the way and not to consume the apples!The children seem to really enjoy construction play working their fine motor skills using real life tools!