STEM 18/10/21

This week in the discovery area we have been leaning about space and their planets by reading β€œour space” story.Β  The boys and girls have been taking in interest in rhyming. So we brought out a game where you have to match rhyming words and put it into a rocket. The children have really enjoyed this challenge 😊

In the STEM area we have been focusing on learning about money and the different values of it. We have been using padlocks and keys to help develop fine motor skills and problem solving.

We have been using a numeracy car park to help develop number recognition and having races to see how different sizes can go at different speeds πŸš—

This week in the Studio, we have been using our Autumn treasures to create interesting things. We have been developing our creative skills and building relationships as we worked as a team to roll the conkers around the tuff tray to create a painting. We had to use good communication skills to work together and tilt the tray to roll the conkers in the paint. πŸŽ¨πŸ‚

This week we have been further exploring transient art, we have been using the loose parts resources to create wonderful things. One of the children this week made a house of sticks, conkers and acorns. We have developed our curiosity, inquiry and creativity skills whilst exploring transient art πŸ‚πŸπŸͺ΅πŸͺΆ

We have been using some of the leaves from our Autumn treasure bags to make β€œleaf monsters”. We have used our creative skills to use some of the craft resources to make these, everyone’s was different and they are all very imaginative. πŸ‚πŸ


The Garden 18/10/21

This week in the outdoor area we have been looking at signs of autumn. We went on a leaf hunt around the garden and collected lots of different leaves, discussing the shapes,sizes and colours.Β  We then sorted these leaves into groups of small/big, narrow/wide and made our own leaf graph sorting them into groups of colour.

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The Garden 18/10/21

This week we have continued to develop the pirate ship with loose part, adding a floor with bricks making it easier to walk on, masts to attach sails onto and a canon to take down enemy ships.

Hannah showed them how to tie a basic knot with rope as they wanted to attach things onto their ship. They used this skill to attach an an anchor, and a fishing hook!

The children have been using the pirate ship to climb on developing gross motor skills and for imaginative play pretending to be pirates!

The courtyard 18/10/21

In the construction area the children made a mind map to decide what they wanted to create using the junk modelling boxes. Therefore I sat down with the children and we created a mind map, the majority of the children voted a frozen castle therefore, that is what we made!


The children have really been engaged in this and seem to really enjoy creating the frozen castle!

The courtyard 18/10/21

This week we have been developing our courtyard home corner into a pizzeria! The children have been exploring numbers and practicing their subitising with the pizza reels using number dots and different pizza toppings! πŸ•

The discovery area 18/10/21

We are continuing to incorporate the puppet theatre into our play experiences. The children requested animal puppets and superheroes!πŸ™ŒAn exciting combination! Spider-Man and Flora Flamingo puppet became great friends!🦩

On Tuesday the Build a Bears came to visit!❀️🐻We had lots of fun dressing them. It was a bit tricky at times but at least our fine motor skills got a good work out!

On Wednesday and Thursday we discovered that their are particular places of interest and very special landmarks all over the world…πŸ™ŒπŸŒThe Empire State Building in New York, The Pyramids in Egypt and The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy! We had brilliant discussions about these using our small world resources..

We also had fun with stickers at our β€˜Sticker Station’…Note books, post-it’s, stampers, stickers, felt tips…Lots of ways to develop our fine motor skills!🀩🀩🀩