27 Sept The Studio

The children have been having a tea party so we introduced flavoured teaΒ into the home corner. The children have been using there sense of Smell πŸ‘ƒπŸ», and TasteπŸ‘…. The children said the peppermint tea smelled like chocolate🍫 and it looked brown when the hot water was added. The children loved the smell of the wild Berry tea, a child said it smelled like sweets and enjoyed the taste of it. All the children were amazed when we added the hot water it turned purple. The lemon and ginger tea smelled like oranges 🍊 the children thought.
The children explored the colours of the tea and Β were being very safe when pouring the hot water into the jugs . The children were able to say to staff that the water was hot and they needed to be very careful.Β 

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