The courtyard 05/07/21

The children had been so excited about the BBQ, that we continued to explore fire in the expressive area. The children painted a fire on a tuff tray, and discussed how to keep ourselves safe around a fire. The children made their own fire extinguishers, filled them up water, then sprayed out the fire! One child said “we’ve got to stand back” and “we’re gonna use it to spray the fire out”. There was lots of lovely sharing between the children as they took turns with the extinguishers. The children agreed that its best to leave putting out real fires to the nursery staff and fire fighters.

Construction Area Wk beginning 05/07/21

In the construction area this week we have been looking at American buildings and bridges. The children have been recreating the buildings using different blocks and have also been using their imagination to build their own buildings.

On Disney day the children designed their own Disney castle using pens and paper to trace around blocks and mark down their ideas.  We then used recycling materials to build our own castle.  

Fire safety American campfire 🔥 05/07/21

This week we have been discussing fire and how we can risk assess to use it safely. The children were going to be doing a BBQ on Wednesday so we wanted to prepare them for how we can keep ourselves safe.  We explored and discussed the importance of our emergency services particularly our fire service. We created a fire square and the children learned that we never enter the fire square as this will keep up safe.  We explored some words that linked with America as it was America week,  any of the children haven’t heard of s’mores before therefore we decided this would be a perfect treat for our BBQ.

We then had our American BBQ and what a day it was, the children have shown great awareness of risk by sitting safely around the fire. They also experienced some tasting we had veggie sausages, pastry and s’mores all cooked from the fire. one children has asked if we can revisit this which we look forward to doing in the near future. ☺️

Expressive Area 05/07/21

This week at the expressive arts area , the children have been very busy for American week 🇺🇸🇺🇸.We made American flags , we used crepe paper to create our wonderful flags😄.We also spoke about the very important statue in America called the Statue of Liberty, we spoke about how the statue has a crown and is holding a torch 🔦, we decided it would be a fabulous idea 💡 if we made our very own crowns and touches, we made our crowns sparkle by adding some glitter. We made beautiful and colourful firework 💥pictures , using some black paper and chalk to make these. On Wednesday we had American BBQ 🌭🍔day we spoke about the Importance of fire 🔥 safety , and then created and designed our own BBQ plate , these turned out fantastic ⭐️ well done 👏 boys and girls for working soo hard to make American 🇺🇸 week such a great success.

Malleable Wk beginning 05/07/21

🇺🇸Welcome to America week🇺🇸Week commencing 5/7/21🇺🇸

We have been exploring the colours of the American flag, red, white and blue. We used these colours in our play dough mixture and discovered that blue and red make purple and red and white make pink!💕

On Wednesday Stephanie was our fabulous BBQ Chef!👩🏻‍🍳The children were so excited 🍔🌭We thought it would be a good idea to make the play dough orange and yellow to match the colour of the flames of the fire.🔥What a brilliant suggestion! We added glitter to the dough for some extra special sparkle!

The water tray looked very inviting as it was filled with shaving foam and red, white and blue glitter.💦💧💦We used paintbrushes, lolly sticks and sponges to mark make and create patterns and shapes!🟡🟦🔻🔶♥️ We also froze Lego in ice and developed our fine motor skills by using tweezers to try to get the Lego out of the ice blocks! It was tricky!😁

On Thursday we held our Disney character day! We coloured white rice blue and red using paint and Disney characters were hidden in amongst the rice for the children to find👀


Friday was Crazy hair day!🤪We made red, white and blue glittery play dough and the children made crazy hair designs on silly face templates!😃

The garden wk beginning 5/07/21

In the garden this week we have been enjoying some of the sunshine, we made a cosy little den story corner for the boys and girls to relax. The children could draw what they seen or learned about in the book with crayons using their imaginative skills.

We have also been doing activities as is is American week at Oakburn, the boys and girls have been making their own American flag, using their fine motor skills cutting out the flag and stars and glueing them.

The children have being interested in ingredients and mixing in our mud kitchen area, to extend the learning we had our ingredient rice along with some empty water were bottles, the learning was extended as we used these to make musical instruments for the garden den/stage area so the children can sing songs and make there own music and songs.

These are the children’s musical instruments that some of them made.