Fire safety American campfire πŸ”₯ 05/07/21

This week we have been discussing fire and how we can risk assess to use it safely. The children were going to be doing a BBQ on Wednesday so we wanted to prepare them for how we can keep ourselves safe.Β Β We explored and discussed the importance of our emergency services particularly our fire service.Β We created a fire square and the children learned that we never enter the fire square as this will keep up safe.Β Β We explored some words that linked with America as it was America week, Β any of the children haven’t heard of s’mores before therefore we decided this would be a perfect treat for our BBQ.

We then had our American BBQ and what a day it was, the children have shown great awareness of risk by sitting safely around the fire. They also experienced some tasting we had veggie sausages, pastry and s’mores all cooked from the fire. one children has asked if we can revisit this which we look forward to doing in the near future. ☺️

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