Acorn Room week beginning 21/6/21

Our little Acorn room have had a very busy week. A few children showed an interest in our mud kitchen. A.M said “making cakes”. So we provided some wooden cakes to allow the children to begin to participate in role play.
OM.R told her Early Years Workers (EYW’S) “mummy loves cake”, this sparked our baking experience. The children have been showing enjoyment in group time, with lots of giggles as they followed the actions to familiar nursery rhymes. This has allowed the children to begin to develop early friendships. C.M asked for the fish game and some children chose to develop their fine motor skills, as they caught the fish. G.M has been showing an interest in our water tray so we have been setting up inviting provocations to allow our little learners to develop their curiosity and explore through their senses.

The discovery Area week beginning 21/6/21

In the discovery area the children were interested in the puppets and story spoons this week. We matched them to the book, “room on the broom” and “Three little pigs”.

Carrying on from last week’s discussions around colours and numbers, we used the farm animals to print footprints in different colours and compare the sizes.

The expressive Area week beginning 21/6/21

This week in the expressive area we have been exploring castles! The children used the junk modelling to build their own castles after looking at some photos of castles online.
They developed their fine motor skills through cutting and sticking, and developed their creativity when designing the castle. We then made our own stained glass windows to go on the castle.🏰

The Social Area week beginning 21/6/21

This week the children were interested in tasting new things and disucussing different smells. This sparked the interest in the malleable area of hosting a tea party like the tea set in our house corner. We had variety of different flavours of tea to try such as cinnamon, ginger and peppermint.
All of the resources where displayed on the tough tray for the children to make the tea independently to try. 
The children found the ginger flavour to be spicy!! 

The tea party activity sparked interest in cakes and baking. We made some cakes using a recipe, taking turns of measuring and mixing to make our cake mix. Once cooked we got to take some home. The children had lots of fun during this activity and I will continue to offer different baking and tasting activities next week!

The Village week beginning 21/6/21

This week in the village area we have been talking about the community. We discussed all the different buildings surrounding Milngavie. Staff took some of the children on an outing to milingavie village in which we were able to explore what we previously discussed. We took the children to the local Tesco in which they helped us chose what they would like for snack! The children had lots of fun and were super excited to tell the other children what they done on their outing!

The Courtyard week beginning 21/6/21

In the Courtyard we have had some tasters of different fruit and vegetables at the courtyard kitchen. Some were sweet and some were sour 🍋. When trying the different fruits we looked in the mirror to see which one made us make funny faces. 

Some science experiments were also going on in the courtyard using some  skittles and water. First we linked the skittles together on a plate then added some water to create a marble effect with the colours.

The Garden week beginning 21/6/21

In the garden this week we have been playing in the mud kitchen and making mud paint!

We have also been looking at the different sizes of bubbles and matching the colours to the Doc McStuffins book called “Bubble Trouble”. We have been having lots of fun chasing them in the wind.