Acorn Room week beginning 21/6/21

Our little Acorn room have had a very busy week. A few children showed an interest in our mud kitchen. A.M said “making cakes”. So we provided some wooden cakes to allow the children to begin to participate in role play.
OM.R told her Early Years Workers (EYW’S) “mummy loves cake”, this sparked our baking experience. The children have been showing enjoyment in group time, with lots of giggles as they followed the actions to familiar nursery rhymes. This has allowed the children to begin to develop early friendships. C.M asked for the fish game and some children chose to develop their fine motor skills, as they caught the fish. G.M has been showing an interest in our water tray so we have been setting up inviting provocations to allow our little learners to develop their curiosity and explore through their senses.

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