Fun in French

Throughout my time at primary school I can easily say I was blessed with a number of engaging and enthusiastic teachers.
My mind was captured daily throughout many of their carefully devised lessons. An area of primary school that particularly sticks in my mind has to be the time that we spent learning French in primary 7.

One lesson remains clear in my memory, that day when the teacher successfully created an almost entirely different world within the four walls of our completely ordinary classroom. We were asked to create a French café scene, some of us were cast as staff and others as customers. As well as gaining experience in speaking and reading the language, we used our art skills to create magical costumes and accessories based on French fashion. Our skills in drama were also put to the test when we were encouraged to speak the language with expression to show whatever emotion we were aiming to portray.

I believe the secret to the success of this lesson started at the build up, we were allowed to take control of our own learning. We designed the classroom, the costumes, the scripts and the menus. Our teacher planted the seed for an engaging lesson and we brought it to life ourselves with a little guidance.

The whole experience made me feel proud, we had created this masterpiece and we were given the opportunity to show off what we know about France. This didn’t at all feel like a lesson, it felt like simple role play that could be done at home or in the playground with friends.

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