How did Covid-19 effect your plan?

I could write about this for a long time and I have redrafted three versions of this post over the past month to try and make it as positive as I can. Covid-19 has effected everyone in the world, of course, and thinking of how it effected me with something as simple as work when it has stolen lives from millions is an uncomfortable, yet necessary question.

  1. How did Covid-19 impact on your practice and your beliefs about Scottish Education

I have always believed Scottish Education to be fair, equitable and forward-thinking. Teachers have blown me away this pandemic with their hard work and their workload, but I am demoralised and devastated that those Secondary teachers that have well over 100 certification pupils on their remit are being offered minimal support.

2. How was your enquiry affected by the changes Covid-19 brought about?

It was affected it in almost every way possible. My first focus was too big, then health and wellbeing as an issue was too big for my classroom teacher remit even in research, then because I wanted to research something staff-based, lockdown made that incredibly difficult due to not communicating with members of staff for months at a time. Now because of the alternative certification model, all of my time in work and hours at home every night is spent marking, moderating and trying to make robust judgements on four key pieces of evidence that show the best in each child. I feel that I very much lost myself this year.

3. How did you adapt or change your enquiry to continue to meet the needs of learners and yourself?

I scaled my enquiry right down to make it more manageable, took notes and stock of staff wellbeing and surveyed my department based on us and this year alone. We also do an annual SIP evaluation as a department and it was very interesting to see how things had changed from last session.

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