My Enquiry Focus

FOCUS: Sharing good practise in the age of social distancing and online learning

QUESTION: In what ways can teachers share good practise to build confidence in delivering socially distanced and online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic?

2 thoughts on “My Enquiry Focus”

  1. I really like your new enquiry idea. In the climate we are working in it just makes so much sense. I have found so many interesting and useful ideas online from other practitioners. However, I do find that I am mostly using my personal social media accounts. Sometimes this means that I can find it hard to switch off as there is so much access to the information but at the same time I have used SO much of it in my online teaching.

  2. I love your new focus, Becky. Sharing practice is recognised as so important, as you say, and yet it can so often be overlooked. We miss out on learning from each other. Ali makes an interesting point re social media. What can also help us to switch off, or to filter out accounts that might make us more anxious rather than less? I’m really looking forward to what you might find out.

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