Update 1 to Plan and topic

(Post from February) I had worked for the second term on staff wellbeing, as some of you will know – organising small socially distanced staff events such as a reading Friday, but of course the January lockdown changed these things.

Through conversation with SLT my focused was altered to sharing good practise. I have been incredibly overwhelmed with workload in January and February, teaching a full online timetable and coping with the marking of this, so sharing resources and strategies with other colleagues has been vital, but Emma reminded me through discussion at our last drop-in that research does not have to be huge scale.

As a department, we have changed the way we work this year significantly and are sharing resources and buddying up on courses like we never have before, so I am going to implement some research within my department to see what strategies everyone has found successful. Some things to look at include:

  • collaborative teaching
  • year-led responsibilities
  • doubling of senior texts
  • split classes and workload
  • the use of MS teams
  • regular engagement letters and feedback
  • junior phase course
  • senior phase course
  • anything else that arises in discussion#

I am just back online after a horrible lonely fortnight of internet downage, so have written two posts to upload at once – please bear with me!