Week 1 – Introduction

Hello, my name is Melissa, today I started my optional module, Digital Technologies. Prior to beginning university, when I was given the choice of what module to pick, I was unsure which I would enjoy the most and, more importantly, which module I would benefit from the most. During the induction week where more information on each of the modules was provided, I was content with my original choice, and opted for Digital Technologies.

I would consider myself to have worthy knowledge and understanding about digital devices. However, I am aware there is so much more to learn as ICT has become a huge part of the curriculum over the years and there is a range of technological tools available which can support both teaching and learning. Over the next 12 weeks, I am going to be considering the different areas of digital technology which can be incorporated within the curriculum and writing weekly reflections on my experience within the module.

When arriving at the class this morning I really did not know what to expect. After reading the document ‘Enhancing Learning and Teaching through the use of Digital Technologies’ by the Scottish Government it made me realise how big an aspect technology in learning is nowadays as opposed to when I left primary school in 2011. The document was very interesting and included various aspects as to why technology is used within classrooms and how it supports children’s learning. One of the major advantages of digital technologies, noted by Beauchamp (2012) is that the increased use of ICT throughout schools is thought to improve the attainment gap by raising attainment for all children and young people as well as enhancing achievement.

Education has changed massively over the years. Today, teaching and learning is increasingly more interactive than past generations and the use of ICT plays a massive role within our classroom. It is key that the children in our society are digitally literate, therefore incorporating various aspects of digital technology within our curriculum sets the children up for the world they will grow up in. With this in mind, it is crucial, we as teachers, have the correct knowledge and skills needed to teach our children to the best of our ability. This is just one of the reasons as to why I picked this module.

Overall, I am excited to see what this module brings as I fully believe digital technologies is a vital part of the curriculum today. I am eager to include various aspects of this module within both my teaching and learning as a developing student teacher.



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the use of digital technology, A digital learning and teaching strategy for Scotland.
[Online] Available:https://www.gov.scot/binaries/content/documents/govscot/publications/publication/2016/09/enhancing-learning-teaching-through-use-digital-technology/documents/00505855-pdf/00505855-pdf/govscot:document/?inline=true/ [Accessed: 8 January 2019]

Beauchamp, G. (2012) ICT in the Primary School: From Pedagogy to Practice. Pearson.


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