The beginning of the end – Final Reflection

What a fast module that was! I have tremendously enjoyed Digital Technologies and have learnt a wealth of valuable information that I am looking forward to use and develop throughout my future teaching career. Back in September, I picked this module to gain a deeper understanding of digital technologies and explore the range of digital learning tools that are used within the modern classroom.

This module has allowed me to develop an array of skills; such as, working in a team, creativity skills and enhance both my communication and listening skills. Not only have I explored the various types of digital learning tools which can be incorporated within curricular areas. I have also recognised how important digital skills are within today’s society. It is vital the children in our class are digitally literate in order to gain success within their future careers. In our society today, digital technology is everywhere and applies to almost all careers, in one form or another. This reinforces the importance of embedding digital technologies within our curriculum.

Throughout this module, I particularly enjoyed the QR codes lecture. QR codes was an area of this module I had little knowledge of, however, in our final session I gained a very good understanding of the technology, its abilities and how to incorporate it within both education and wider society.  This was my favourite workshop and one I am eager to use throughout placement and within my future teaching career.

Although this module has been a really interesting subject, it was often challenging at times. However, I quickly learnt how to overcome my struggles and I felt myself growing in confidence each week.

Minecraft was a workshop that caused me concern. I had no prior experience or any knowledge of the game, other knowing of its popularity. Despite this, I quickly managed to understand the basic principles of the game and explore the areas in which it can be embedded within the curriculum.  It is an area that I do feel needs more work, but I fully understand its qualities as part of the overall teachings of Digital Technologies.

Throughout the module, I found it particularly helpful working in a team for many of the inputs. It allowed us to share ideas collaboratively and come up with the best possible activities that we all were equally content with. I believe I also built a stronger connection with my peers from working together each week, which also developed our communication skills.

Overall, this module was a tremendously positive experience and I fully believe my understanding of digital technologies has developed over the 12 weeks. Every input was beneficial and I can see myself including each and every aspect within different lessons throughout my teaching career. I also built on my ability to reflect, which I recognise as an important skill as a teacher. I feel my skills have certainly improved throughout this module, which I hope has been visible throughout my weekly blogs.

This is just the beginning of my digital technologies journey!

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