Week One – Introduction

Reflecting is on-going and activates the learning that has taken place. Going back to reflections and connecting them with other events deepens the understanding. When reflecting on our online journey, we decided to focus on key events and link images to show how we felt during this period in time.

Why I want to be a teacher

I want to be part of the building blocks to shape children into the people they will become.

Throughout Primary School I had a variety of positive and negative experiences with my teachers. An example of this is, I was selected by my teacher to sing a solo in the Christmas play. I was ecstatic. I stood up in front of the whole of Primary 7 to rehearse and I was told to stop because I sounded like I was ‘singing at a funeral.’ This experience made my confidence deteriorate as I felt I had not only let down myself but my teacher that gave me this opportunity as well.

This style of teaching proved detrimental to my development and played a part in my low self-esteem when I was younger. I knew then I wanted to be in a profession to raise children’s self confidence and allow them to learn in a positive environment.

Through this experience – and many others that I’ve had over the years –  it inspired me to work in a job that allows me to build children’s confidence.