Why do I want to be a teacher?

After having a positive experience at my own primary school, I knew it was an environment I would like to return to in the future.

Throughout my seven years at primary school, I experienced four teachers who all had very different teaching methods, but yet I still felt myself engaged in all their lessons. I admired how they were able to deliver academic information in a way that was simplified and adapted to suite everyone in the class. I built strong relationships with my teachers at primary school which I was very grateful for as I felt I was able to go to them with any issues regarding my school work or anything outwith school. I think that its very important for young people to have this support network going through primary school so they can get the help they need. This way they are able to get the best out of their education and become successful learners. I would like to take on this role as I enjoy helping people and I want to make a difference in young peoples lives.

By helping my younger sister with her homework during her years in primary school, I was able to get a feel for what it would be like to be a teacher. I found it very rewarding when she was able to independently complete a homework task when previously she would’ve needed some guidance. I consider myself to have the patience and determination to help young people in the process of learning. A teacher definitely needs to posses these traits as everyone learns at a different pace.

I have completed numerous placements in both nursery’s and primary schools which have aspired me to get me where I am now. I love working with young people and seeing how they develop and mature over time. Every day is different working in a school which makes it both an interesting yet challenging job. I like how the job allows me to develop my own knowledge as well as my pupils. The fact that the job involves working in a team, along side other teachers, appeals to me as I like meeting new people. This will also improve my co-operation and communication skills.

I believe that becoming a primary teacher was the right decision for myself, as my characteristics and skills complement the professional role. In this career I will be able to continue my own education but most importantly educate young people as well.